Tricentis study reveals how investing in testing transformation adds value

Wolfgang Platz, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Tricentis

Tricentis, the continuous testing platform for modern cloud and enterprise applications has published “Modernize Testing to Accelerate Your Business,” a study exploring the priorities of companies that have made great strides along their testing transformation journeys.

Conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Tricentis, the study is based on a survey of 186 application development and delivery leaders at companies doing continuous testing.

The survey found that leaders are more likely to realise tangible business benefits when they follow and embrace best testing practices like automation and shifting left.

Key findings in the Tricentis report

  • Testing transformation delivers improved productivity, agility, and experience
  • Improving speed with quality is key to delivering better experiences and business agility 
  • Fixating only on speed can negatively impact the customer experience
  • Continuous testing leaders sometimes struggle to keep pace with evolving customer needs
  • Leaders turn to third-party service providers to support their testing transformation efforts

“Traditional testing approaches are slow, which is why modern testing approaches and technologies have made inroads in the market, supporting trends like continuous delivery,” said Wolfgang Platz, founder and chief strategy officer at Tricentis.

“Transforming to continuous testing where the business, testers and developers all contribute in quality from the start, many achieve their goal to deliver faster with quality.”

“As this study shows, companies that have made testing a priority have seen improvements in business agility, as well as in employee and customer experience.” 

Tricentis founder and chief strategy officer Wolfgang Platz will be co-presenting the findings of the study with Forrester analyst Diego Lo Giudice in a webinar on September 23.