Tricentis report finds that quality trumps speed in releasing software

Wolfgang Platz, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Tricentis

Tricentis, the world’s #1 testing platform for modern cloud and enterprise applications, announced the release of “The Role of Testing in a DevOps Environment” report, which includes the findings from a survey of more than 500 managers and DevOps professionals.

It highlights companies’ points of DevOps maturity and software testing integration.

Testing is critical to a successful DevOps strategy. The survey found a combined 82% of respondents experienced frequent or some slowdown in testing new software releases.

Yet, most organizations still defer releases until testing is done.

More than 50% of survey respondents agreed that the greatest value of testing is that it enables teams to release updates and applications faster with greater confidence.

The report’s key findings include

  • 58% of respondents agree that DevOps testing reduces issues in production.
  • More than 8 in 10 (82%) organizations defer releasing software until testing is done.
  • 43% say dependencies between services are challenging to test as each microservice is updated and 38% say it’s easier to test due to smaller, more discrete services.

“Testing continues to play a critical role in the DevOps process to ensure applications perform as expected,” said Wolfgang Platz, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Tricentis.

“Poor software releases that create negative user experiences can cause major issues.”

“While software testing may increase timelines, it still remains essential in delivering high-quality digital software solutions. In this specific instance, quality overrides speed.”