TreviPay and BlueSnap to integrate invoicing card processing solutions

Brandon Spear, Chief Executive Officer at TreviPay

TreviPay, the B2B payments and invoicing network, announced its partnership with BlueSnap, a payment orchestration tech firm, to add card-based payments processing for B2B eCommerce merchants to its platform. This will enable a fully integrated payments solution for businesses seeking trade credit and card processing within one unified checkout solution.

What is the market offering of the combined solutions?

As sales from digital channels continue to rise, B2B companies are looking for innovative payment solutions. With the integrated offering, online merchants will now have access to a consolidated solution that offers trade credit and card-based payments processing through a single payment vendor. Participating merchants on TreviPay’s networks will also gain access to comprehensive reporting and consolidated data to support simpler reconciliation.

Combining TreviPay’s expertise in B2B payments and invoicing with BlueSnap’s strong global payment card acceptance, merchants can eliminate business checkout friction and increase conversions. In addition, for infrequent buyers making smaller purchases or who do not qualify for trade credit eCommerce and marketplace merchants can now provide a payment option for all business buyers with one comprehensive checkout solution.

Both types of B2B payment transactions will appear in TreviPay’s consolidated report to keep accounts updated in real-time and to ensure data transfers with each transaction.

What were the executives’ thoughts on partnership?

“We are excited to partner with TreviPay, a leader in B2B payments, to further simplify the complexities of business payments,” commented Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO at BlueSnap.

“Through this tailored approach to payments orchestration for business buyers, merchants can condense the number of payments vendors, and secure stickier buyer relationships by offering both trade credit and credit card options with invoices,” Ralph further added.

“Merchants continue to be innovative to better meet buyer expectations in today’s digital environment. TreviPay’s unified payment and invoicing solution was built for all B2B eCommerce merchants and marketplaces to eliminate management of multiple payments vendors and manual reconciliation of transactions,” said Brandon Spear, CEO at TreviPay.

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