Trax promotes three key leaders to further bolster its global expansion

Josh Bouk, President of Trax Group

Trax Technologies (Trax), the global Transportation Spend Management (TSM) solutions provider, announced promotions for Dimi Kurtti, Veronique D’Ambrosi, and Macy Savage.

What do the promotions mean for Trax?

All three executives have been elevated to key leadership positions within the company that demonstrate Trax’s dedication to international growth: Dimi Kurtti, Senior Vice President, Professional Services and Implementations; Veronique D’Ambrosi, Vice President of Global Client Operations; and Macy Savage, Senior Director of Global Client Growth.

“The elevation of Dimi, Veronique, and Macy is a reflection of the value these executives continue to add to Trax. Each leads their team with excellence, resulting in continued global growth for our firm. Their teams demonstrate commendable progress, from revenue operations to customer development and retention,” said Josh Bouk, President of Trax.

The Trax team is focused on meshing together cost optimization and emissions reduction through complete data from the annual $24bn in transportation spend invoices the firm audits. Using shipment data from the MyClimate foundation, the team continues to show their clients ways to increase their bottom lines and decrease environmental pollutants.

Trax provides businesses with elevated freight audit and payment (FAP) data insights that stimulate greater cost optimization and emissions reduction planning, monitoring, and reduction. This team of leaders is the latest demonstration of its commitment to nurturing relationships with clients and expanding its growth plan to meet the needs of businesses.

What do the appointees bring to Trax in the new roles?

Macy Savage, Senior Director of Global Client Growth at Trax Technologies

“When I think about the global impact of the supply chain, freight audit and payment is just a foundation for execution, savings, and data capture. Real impact results from logistics data being used for purposes, like Scope 3 emissions reporting and cost to serve analysis. There is so much power within logistics data for an enterprise to unlock, and I am committed to helping Trax assist clients achieve transportation spend management maturity,” said Savage.

Commenting on her appointment, Dimi Kurtti said, “Trax is the leader in global freight audit. But to remain the leader, you have to constantly invest in product and people — all while constantly adapting and evolving. I look forward to applying my experience to make Trax an even better solution and workplace. Doing so will improve the value and level of service our customers receive and allow new customers to benefit from the data and tools we offer.”

“My continued commitment to Trax is to improve customer experience and Trax performance through documentation, standardization, and automation while creating clear processes to optimize our freight audit and payment programs,” said D’Ambrosi.  

With many vendors in the space, the Trax team quickly distinguishes themselves through their knowledge and solutions for utilizing FAP. Combined, the leaders have invested over 30 years at Trax, where they continue to make a difference for customers and their teams daily.