Do you want to travel with your furry friend? Here is what you must know

Pets have long since provided incomparable companionship and it is getting harder to go away on long trips without them. Referred to as man’s best friends, pets have become part of the family and become hard to disregard in most societies. Therefore, when you next plan your family vacation, you might want to consider your cat or dog as you plan your trip.

Before the late 1980s, only the wealthy could afford to travel with their pets and only a handful of high-end hotels were open to catering to them. Pet travel was limited to automobiles and in a few instances, private rail cars. A TWA attendant named Gayle Martz wanted to travel with her dog in 1989 but couldn’t because of the existing airline rules.

She designed a Sherpa Bag to carry her pet and fit under the seat in the cabin and petitioned nearly every airline to request a change in policies regarding allowing pets on board. Airlines were convinced that allowing a well-behaved pet on board would increase customer satisfaction and their bottom line and so one by one they started changing their policies.

The Sherpa Bag became the standard airline in-cabin bag for pets. Since then, pet travel has experienced many trends with more  airlines and hotels changing policies for pet inclusion.

Pet-friendly countries with great pet travel policies

If you are a pet parent that would love to go on vacation or workation with your pet, it is good to research and learn everything about pet travel before choosing a destination. Looking up airlines with the best pet travel policies and services should be first on your list.

Also, learn about pet-friendly countries with pet-friendly travel policies so as to choose the right destination. Here are some pet-friendly countries with great pet travel policies.


Germany is one of the most pet-friendly countries in the world. It takes pride in its animals and acts as a global example of the best ways to treat pets with care and respect.

Almost every establishment in the country is open to pets. Germany’s capital city, Berlin harbors the home of the largest animal sanctuary in all of Europe. You can visit the country with your pet and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience amongst resident pets if you follow their pet-friendly policies. Adoption policies are also quite favorable in Germany.

United States

The United States of America is one of the best countries to travel with pets. The country boasts over 60 parks protected under the National Park Service where families can go for road trips, and visit outdoor monuments and pet-friendly cities amongst other activities.

Some of the best-friendly cities in the states include; San Diego, Chicago, Florida, and Seattle. There are thousands of destinations to visit with your pet in the United States.


Pet travel can’t get any more relaxing and fun than in France. France’s pet policies are so relaxed you can have your pet take a seat at the dinner table while you enjoy your vacation. Everyone deserves to visit France at least once in their lifetime and so does your pet.


While Japan’s larger cities are quite busy and may not seem the best place to visit with your pet, the country has taken major strides to promote a pet-friendly culture for tourists and residents. There are over 1000 pet-friendly hotels, offices, parks, pet store, and even a dog-friendly mall (Machida Grandberry Mall). Your pet will love running around the beaches.


Take your furry friend to Switzerland for an unforgettable experience. The Swiss will give you the highest quality pet-friendly experience there is. You can find pet-friendly restaurants that even provide water bowls and treats for pets almost anywhere in the country.

Get some fondue tram and enjoy a delicious and cheesy experience with your dog at a small fee or enjoy hikes in the Alps or walks in one of Switzerland’s spectacular cities like Geneva.


One of the best places to bring your pet is Vancouver. Canada offers the most epic road trips filled with nature fun for your dog. There are also hundreds of pet-friendly vacation rentals and hotels. You can take a ferry on Lake Banff and enjoy a lovely time with your pet.

Hotel Trends for Pets

Greater numbers of hotels across the globe are expanding their services to offer pet-friendly services. Here are some of the hotel pet-service trends you need to know about.

Pet Concierge Services

Some hotels now provide pet concierge services like arranging dog walking and pet sitting services which can be accessed through the hotel or booked through a third-party service. They can give also schedule spa appointments for your furry companion and also recommend nearby pet-friendly activities, services, and other places that allow pets.

Pet Amenities

Special pet amenities like pet welcome baskets, special pet beddings, pet room service, botty areas, and on-site dog play areas. These are some of the accommodations hotels are providing to set themselves apart and provide a great experience for pets and their owners.

What to Pack for a Pet Travel Trip

According to the CDC, the first thing you should do if you are planning to travel with your pet internationally is to tell your veterinarian about your trip. This will help to make sure your pet is in good health and ready to meet the requirements of your destination and your return.

Some of the requirements you may need to get from your vet include; blood tests, vaccinations, travel permits, health certificates, and microchips for identification. Be sure to pack a copy of each of these documents so that you do not have trouble at the airport. Find out the specific requirements for your country of destination and the airline you plan to use.

Other items you should pack for your trip include; an appropriate carrier or carry-on, an old familiar blanket, a sturdy leash, all medication and supplements, a disposable litter box, water, snacks, portable water bowls and water, an extra collar with up-to-date contact information, waste removal bags, old towels, paper towels, baby wipes, and toys and chew toys.

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