Transphorm’s GaN platform powers world’s first integrated microinverter photovoltaic systems from DAH Solar

Transphorm, Inc., a robust GaN power semiconductors firm, the future of next generation power systems, announced that its GaN platform powers the first integrated photovoltaic (PV) systems from DAH Solar Co., Ltd. (Anhui Daheng New Energy Technology Co., LTD/subsidiary of DAH Solar). The PV systems are used in DAH Solar’s SolarUnit product line.

How did DAH Solar leverage Transphorm’s solution?

DAH Solar credits Transphorm’s GaN FETs with enabling it to produce smaller, lighter, and more reliable solar panel systems that also offer higher overall power generation with lower energy consumption. The design achievements continue to demonstrate Transphorm’s One Core GaN Platform, Crossing the Power Spectrum leadership position by solidifying its value proposition in the renewables market, which currently represent a GaN TAM of over $500m.

DAH Solar leverages Transphorm’s transformative 150 mΩ and 70 mΩ GaN FETs in the SolarUnits’ design architecture (both DC-to-DC and DC-to-AC power stages). The SolarUnits are available in three models with power outputs of 800 W, 920 W, or 1500 W and peak efficiencies of 97.16%, 97.2%, and 97.55% respectively. Additionally, the GaN devices deliver higher switching frequencies and power density versus incumbent silicon solutions.

Notably, the two FETs are available in PQFN88 performance packages that pair with commonly-used gate drivers—features that helped DAH Solar quicken its design time.

“We have a strong legacy of producing innovative photovoltaic products. As such, we consistently look for ways to advance our products with state-of-the-art technologies to create a better, more efficient end user experience,” commented Yong Gu, GM, DAH Solar.

“We view Transphorm as an authority in the field of GaN production and found their advanced GaN FETs to be the optimal devices for our new SolarUnit line. The devices are easy to design in and offer performance advantages that enable us to continue building on our legacy.”

What does this mean for Transphorm?

Transphorm today supports the largest range of power conversion requirements (45 W to 10+ kW) across the widest range of power applications. The company’s FET portfolio includes 650 V and 900 V devices with 1200 V devices in development. These FETs are JEDEC and AEC-Q101 qualified, making them optimal solutions for power adapters and computer PSUs through to broad industrial UPSs and electric vehicle mobility systems.

The company’s technology innovations continue to set new benchmarks across the GaN power semiconductor industry. In parallel, they help customers bring to market new, disruptive applications in their own markets—such as DAH Solar’s PV systems.

These achievements are due to Transphorm’s normally-off SuperGaN® platform, which uses the cascode d-mode configuration to harness GaN’s intrinsic perks. The superior physics of this high performance GaN platform design delivers competitively unmatched benefits such as easier drivability, easier designability, higher reliability, and greater manufacturability.

“The value Transphorm’s GaN platform brings to a variety of applications continues to be demonstrated by market leaders like DAH Solar. Solar inverters as well as other high-power applications require highly reliable, high performing power semiconductors that can withstand decades of operation in harsh environments,” Kenny Yim, VP of Asia Sales, Transphorm.

“Using Transphorm’s SuperGaN tech helps reduce power loss thereby minimizing thermal stress on other designed-in components. That’s a great achievement over alternative GaN and Silicon solutions underscoring the benefits our GaN brings to next-gen power systems.”

For more information, please visit Transphorm or DAH Solar.