Transak adds Apple Pay as payment option, makes crypto more accessible

Sami Start, Chief Executive Officer, Transak

Transak, an integration for applications to accept fiat-to-crypto deposits and withdrawals from a global user base, announced that Apple Pay is now a recognized payment option.

Apple Pay, a popular payment methods, currently has 507 million registered users and as Apple currently holds almost 16% of the global smartphone market, it was clear that this feature was a necessity to continue Transak’s mission of ensuring Web3 is accessible.

Why did Transak choose to integrate Apple Pay?

Once a user decides to make a purchase via Transak, they can enter the amount they’d like to buy, select Apple Pay as payment option and confirm via touch ID to approve transaction.

“Our partners are keenly aware that Apple Pay was a must-have feature in order to make these transactions as smooth as possible”, said Sam Watts, Head of Product, Transak.

“Adding this feature is a small piece of making Web3 apps accessible, but Transak is excited to create the building blocks and make them available via simple developer integrations.”

Why should Transak users choose Apple Pay?

While Apple Pay is a straightforward operation for iPhone users, UX reduces the risk of chargebacks since the purchaser has to approve the transaction prior to it going through.

“Transak is driven to provide its audience with a curated service to make finance, and working with crypto authentic. I believe this is the first of many enhancements to come in 2022 that will further bring Web2 natives into Web3 reality,” said Sami Start, CEO, Transak.

Transak plans to launch this feature globally during Q2 2022 and will continue to bring other enhancements such as adding more international payment methods, improvements to user onboarding and more powerful and flexible ways to integrate Transak into Dapps.

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