TrafficGuard and RavenTrack join hands to tackle fraud in sports betting

Matt Sutton, Chief Revenue Officer, TrafficGuard

Ad verification and fraud prevention platform, TrafficGuard, announced a partnership with online gaming affiliate tracking RavenTrack aimed at helping advertisers to maximise returns on ad spend on their affiliate marketing with invalid traffic and ad fraud prevention.

The global pandemic has undoubtedly caused a massive increase in the number of active users that indulge in sports betting regularly. A global statistic from suggests that almost 26% of the world’s population bets, and the global market is expected to grow from $76.79 billion to an impressive $127.45bn by 2025, according to Research and Markets.

Riding on the wins of major clients such as Disney Streaming Services, the integration with RavenTrack also marks the company’s second major announcement in recent weeks, having previously unveiled TrafficGuard Social – a solution that offers ad fraud prevention and protection on Facebook. Come 2023, TrafficGuard will roll out capabilities for self-serve SMB users whilst expanding its offering to TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to meet rising demand.

What does TrafficGuard bring to RavenTrack’s portfolio?

Affiliate marketing is a crucial strategy employed by these gaming and sports betting firms, for faster, quicker customer acquisition. However the level of financial and competitor growth within the industry has created a strong attraction from fraudsters, and firms can fall prey with little to no knowledge this is even occurring. With the betting industry only saturating further, firms cannot afford to suffer from low ROI and poor campaign performance.

Through TrafficGuard’s Affiliate Protection service, brands and marketers can combat and prevent misattribution in common types of invalid traffic (IVT) such as cookie stuffing, domain spoofing, anonymised traffic and compliance fraud present in online gaming today.

TrafficGuard’s full-funnel, multipoint solution measures the end-users engagement, intent and propensity to give the most transparent view of their ad activity enabling the best possible return on ad spend. The product offers customised filters so advertisers can ensure that their partners are being rewarded for the activity that is permitted by their terms and conditions.

To support, grow and enable the success of this channel, TrafficGuard will deploy a structured team of affiliate experts helmed by Kalen Bushe, Vice President of Affiliate Partnerships.

What were the executives’ thoughts on the partnership?

“This online gaming and gambling industry got a huge boost in the pandemic, but bad actors also joined in the fray quite actively. At TrafficGuard we are passionate about protecting the erosion of marketing spending and recognised that the damage done to businesses due to these malicious activities is enormous.” said Matt Sutton, Chief Revenue Officer, TrafficGuard.

“Through our Affiliate Prevention and integration into RavenTrack, we want to enable the brands using their market-leading software to get their accurate ROAS with the right data, at the right time. With our full-funnel protection and expert product channel team, affiliate platforms like RavenTrack can deliver positive business outcomes through their customers.”

Adam Rowley, Managing Director at RavenTrack commented, “We understand the value of accurate tracking where every minute movement in each measuring metric matters.”

“Our clients already reap the rewards of our fraud prevention tracking, and the partnership will see our customers benefit from TrafficGuard’s premier expertise across ad networks, especially supporting customers in the global gaming and sports betting arenas, thereby helping us further our mission of ensuring the best possible performance for our customers.“