Tracer buys Mad Power Technologies to fuel European business expansion

Rick Farnell, Chief Executive Officer of Tracer

Tracer, the brand protection and brand success firm, announced the acquisition of Mad Power Technologies, an AI and machine learning services provider with expertise in data capture and modeling, data engineering and advanced analytics, and cloud-based application delivery. Located in Madeira, Portugal, Mad Power will be the global Center of Excellence for Tracer AI and Data Science, extend Tracer’s expansion, and accelerate client support across Europe.

What does the acquisition mean for Tracer?

“Digital scamming, brand misuse and phishing have become increasingly pervasive across all geographies, as sophisticated networks of bad actors seek to take advantage of businesses and their clients through online fraud and brand infringement,” said Rick Farnell, CEO, Tracer.

“The acquisition of Mad Power Technologies provides a team of seasoned AI experts, developers and analysts to accelerate our pace of innovation and expansion into EMEA markets. Customers of all sizes across the globe are telling us that legacy brand protection offerings lack innovation and aren’t keeping up with the needs of their business,” Rick said.

“With our modern human-in-the-loop (HITL) AI approach, we are innovating to meet the needs of the global market and delivering top business outcomes for the time to trace (TTT), time to recommend (TTR) and time to take down (TTTD) instances of online brand misuse. We will continue to invest in our Tracer platform as we set the standard for brand success.”

With the acquisition, Tracer has established a Center of Excellence (CoE) for AI and Data Science in Madeira to continue developing talent in AI and software development. The CoE for AI and Data Science will accelerate Tracer’s product innovation for HITL AI and machine learning including computer vision, natural language processing and sentiment analysis.

Tracer will also establish its global Academy Training Program in Portugal, which will enable the firm to train technology talent in the fields of AI, data science and software engineering.

What does the acquisition mean for customers?

Since the launch of the partnership between Mad Power and Tracer, the CoE has onboarded 60 new employees dedicated to technology innovation. The CoE for AI and Data Science will accelerate Tracer’s ability to process and analyze massive volumes of data across digital channels to prevent brand misuse, uncover market insights and accelerate brand success.

Across traditional Web2 and emerging Web3 channels, brands today face a growing number of sophisticated digital threats. Failure to mitigate risks quickly can lead to copyright and trademark infringements, brand impersonation, counterfeiting and other types of misuse.

Tracer Protect is the first-of-its-kind SaaS platform that leverages HITL AI and machine learning to trace, analyze and mitigate brand misuse across global Web2 and Web3 channels. By incorporating human judgment at key decision points, the Tracer Platform enables continuous improvement to the platform’s AI and machine learning models and algorithms.

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