Top five bras every classy woman must consider for their top drawer

In 2022, the focus for women is on bras, feeling glamorous and comfortable. Every woman has a variety of bras at home, but what are the top five that every woman should have?

What are the must have top five bras?

Women have been dealing with COVID now for two years and we are ready to take back our life now that restrictions have eased and having a good set of bras in the top drawer is a vital part of the process. Lockdowns are over and it’s time to get out of our loungewear and our home offices! Here are the top five bras every woman should have in their top drawer.

T-shirt bra

Let’s start with the basics first. Every woman probably has a t-shirt bra. This is your everyday go-to bra that offers mid coverage and gives you a smooth silhouette under clothes. The difference between a regular bra and a t-shirt bra is that a t-shirt bra has no seams.

They’re usually very plain, so that they give you a smooth look under clothes. Some are molded a bit, to give you a bit of protection from nipple show and give you a youthful shape. This is especially vital when you have. Every female should have a t-shirt bra in their top drawer, ideally in a few basic colours, one that matches your skin tone and black.

Sports bra

These come in so many different styles nowadays, we are spoilt for choice. Storm in a D Cup specialises in fitting bras for women with larger busts, so I always recommend to my clients to choose their sports bras wisely to give them the support they need during exercise.

I would particularly recommend them to choose encapsulated cups to surround each breast separately, and to look for wide straps to distribute support over your shoulders. A J-hook that allows a bra to be worn racer-back style is useful in adding support when you need it.

Studies have shown that women with bigger breasts participate less in physical activity than women with smaller cup sizes. They also tend to engage in less vigorous types of activity.

I encourage women of all cup sizes to pursue their favourite sports. If it’s keeping you active, it’s keeping you healthy. Choosing the right sports bra can make all the difference.

Ensure this type of bra is in your top drawer.

Strapless bra

Just because you have big boobs or you are carrying a bit of weight, doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a sexy top with a strapless bra. Especially in the summer months, when the fashions are more varied, it can be so much fun wearing an off-shoulder top or dress.

You just need to choose your bra carefully. One of the most common complaints about strapless bras is that they keep sliding down. When this happens, it’s most likely that you’ve bought a bra with a band that’s too big. That’s why it’s vital to get fitted for the right size.

Besides this, you can actually get bras with silicone grips around the band, which should help you feel that bit more snug and secure. This means you can enjoy a night out or taking part in a busy event without worrying that your top is sliding down!

Plunge Convertible bra

The plunge convertible bra isn’t so common but it’s a worthwhile addition to any woman’s wardrobe. It’s known as a multi-way bra and it can be worn anyway except strapless. With a plunge convertible bra, you can wear it in many different ways, to suit what you’re wearing.

They have detachable straps that you can slip off if you don’t need them, or you can adjust the straps to be used in several different ways, such as one shoulder, halter or cross-back.

I always recommend women to take a convertible bra when they go away on holiday or trip because one convertible bra can take the place of several bras serving so many purposes.

The best type of convertible bra to get is a plunge style, and these are available in over 90 different sizes so you should be able to get one. Having a plunge style means that you can wear it with even more types of tops, especially wrap styles that suit a curvy figure.


My final suggestion for the top five is a bra that is not what you usually wear. If you wear an underwire bra, have a good wire-free bra that you can wear sometimes for a change.

For support, ensure it has a wide under band. Conversely, if you always wear wire-free bras, make sure you have an underwire bra that you can wear on special occasions because an underwired bra gives you a better separation of the breasts (so which is important in the hot weather!) and a better shape in clothes. I often get asked about how to fit underwire bras.

What you need to look out for is that the underwire should surround the entire under part of the breast but it should never press against the breast tissue at the side or middle. If you haven’t had a bra fitting in a while, I suggest you do so the next time you need a new bra.

Our bodies are often changing, this could be due to weight loss or weight gain, pregnancy and breastfeeding and take note that hormonal changes can also create changes in our bodies. Storm in a D Cup provides in-store fittings and virtual bra fittings with our team of specialists. Any time you’re ready to get one of these top five types of bras, we’re happy to help out.


Esther Labi, AKA the ‘Bra Whisperer’ and founder of Storm in a D Cup is Australia’s leading online retailer of bras specialising in size D to K lingerie