Organisational tools to retain top talent in new ELMO software product

Danny Lessem, Chief Executive Officer of ELMO Software

Managers will now be able to streamline their human resource management requirements and fight for talent thanks to a new product release from ELMO Software.

ELMO experiences enables employers to proactively engage with their employees throughout pivotal moments in the employee’s lifecycle.

Relevance of ELMO software’s module

The module enables journeys to be assigned to each employee to improve internal communication and the overall experience the employee has with the organisation.  

The personalised experiences include tailored tasks, as well as role- and team-specific content, to help employees navigate through significant milestones such as onboarding, promotions, office relocations, return to work from parental leave and much more. 

The module release comes at a poignant time for businesses with many leaders now managing their teams remotely and without day-to-day in-person interaction. 

ELMO Software CEO Danny Lessem said it’s crucial that organisations do all they can to make an employee’s experience with a company a positive one.

Commentary from ELMO software about the module

“Whether it’s the first day on the job or the last, the module enables employers to build structured yet personalised experiences for each employee.”

“Employers want to retain and recruit good talent in a tight labour market. Personalising the employee experience drives greater engagement and connection to the organisation.”

“The experience that an employee has with an organisation goes a long way to establishing the brand and identity of the organisation. Organisations who manage the employee experience well will likely reap the rewards when they are recruiting new talent.”

“Releasing this module is another addition to ELMO’s all-in-one solution that helps automate time-consuming tasks for busy people leaders.” 

“This is the second release from ELMO this year. We listen to the voice of our customers and develop solutions to better support them when managing people, process and pay.”