Tigo Energy launches service to drive quality across the solar value chain

James JD Dillon, Chief Marketing Officer at Tigo Energy
James JD Dillon, Chief Marketing Officer at Tigo Energy

Tigo Energy, Inc., a world-renown provider of intelligent solar and energy storage solutions, announced the launch of the Green Glove service program to provide a premium support experience for first-time installers of Tigo systems. Reinforcing Tigo’s commitment to driving quality across the solar value chain, the Green Glove program enhances the installer experience with customer support interactions when the first installer deploys Tigo products.

What is the market offering of the Green Glove service?

With a process that includes three formalized support engagements for first-time Tigo residential installers, the Green Glove service program provides installers new to Tigo products an exceptional level of service before, during, and after the first installation.

Green Glove support personnel provide new Tigo clients a design review before installation, remain on-call at regional Tigo locations during installation, and conduct post-installation reviews and follow-up discussions to answer outstanding questions and gather feedback. To complement the Green Glove program, Tigo is introducing the new Tigo Academy, a modern training and education platform designed to build and reinforce the installer skill set.

It delivers an installer curriculum to connect high-quality solar and storage products with best practices during installation. Tigo Academy provides interactive content to significantly improve lesson retention through a user-friendly interface with full offline functionality on any device, and will eventually be available in Czech, German, Italian, Spanish, and Polish.

Additionally, completed Tigo Academy learning modules are eligible for the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP®) Continuing Education Credits (CEC).

What is the mission behind the initiative?

“Building and protecting the reputation of solar as a brand is the responsibility of everyone along the solar value chain, and the investment Tigo makes into installer support and training drives quality in the name of that responsibility,” said James JD Dillon, CMO at Tigo Energy.

“When the high-quality solar and storage tech products Tigo produces meet outstanding installation practices in the field, we build confidence in our industry. Quality is a team effort and it’s central to the growth of the industry on which we and our installer partners depend.”

Installers new to Tigo products can learn more about the program here.