Thoughtworks launches accelerator to enable global enterprises to bolster their business operations with Gen AI

Mike Mason, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer at Thoughtworks
Mike Mason, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer at Thoughtworks

Thoughtworks, a world-renown technology consultancy that integrates strategy, design and engineering, has announced product accelerators aimed to help global organisations identify near-term opportunity areas and projects to apply generative artificial Intelligence (AI).

Why is this a timely initiative?

Organisations that meet customers’ needs by investing in innovation and preparing for constant change outperform their peers in good times and bad. The effects are multiplied during unstable times where there are shifts in the competitive hierarchy in the industry.

Generative AI tools and tech are now easily available to everyone, including prospective clients and competitors. The differentiator will be how organisations leverage and integrate generative AI into their products and business to gain the greatest competitive edge.

One such organisation, a leading global technology company, applied generative AI to enhance customer experience. Exploring opportunities in areas such as virtual advisors and education tools, our team is on track to deliver a collection of generative AI-derived product concepts, prioritising those with a concrete value proposition and compelling business case.

What does the accelerator mean for global businesses?

Thoughtworks’ Generative AI Product Accelerator enables business and product leaders to make more informed and strategic decisions on integrating generative artificial intelligence into their business product applications. In as little as five weeks, organisations will:

  • Gain a clear understanding of near-term generative AI use cases, risks and limitations for their specific industry and business function.
  • Explore what’s possible based on their business and customer needs and their existing technology landscape.
  • Create an actionable generative AI strategy and prioritised plan with clearly defined business value.
  • Build a preliminary deployment plan for responsible AI with prioritised experiments and defined validation protocols.

What does this mean for Thoughtworks?

Commenting on the initiative, Mike Mason, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, Thoughtworks, said, “Given the pace of advances in generative AI, it’s not surprising that many organisations are already experimenting. But without also planning how to scale successful pilots and integrate them into the business, there’s a risk of only picking off the low-hanging fruit.”

“With our accelerator, firms will build plans that combine the art of the possible with the lenses of feasibility and value, and within weeks plot a course that achieves lasting value.”

Thoughtworks’ Generative AI Product Accelerator combines the best of the Product Thinking Playbook, a proven approach to developing ambitious products, with Thoughtworks’ extensive expertise in data and artificial intelligence to expedite ideas into reality and realise the business value of generative AI. With this offering Thoughtworks empowers organisation teams to manage the ethical and practical considerations of generative AI deployment.

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