Why video is the future of dating apps and how we connect online

Dating in the 21st century can be quite challenging. It’s no longer as simple as boy-meets-girl and they live happily ever after, we have to account for the messy, confusing and exhausting factors that play into our lives of work and leisure. Thankfully, for most, the surge in dating apps has made finding your significant other a whole lot more convenient.

When dating apps first arrived on the scene circa 2009, the path to love was forever changed. Individuals were exposed to an entirely new means of meeting people, engaging in instant conversations, and more openly flirting with the concept of casual sex.

Why use dating apps?

Pioneered to create an exclusive platform for the gay community, dating apps have evolved to be sexually accepting, the likes of Tinder, Bumble, Grindr, Hinge consistently seeing love-hungry singles flock to their platforms and try their luck at the match-making algorithm.

No matter what you’re searching for; a long-term relationship, a quick fling, or just something/someone to kill your boredom (no judgement here), dating apps are what allow us to connect with like-minded people whom we might never have found otherwise.

Walking into a bar, ready to mingle, just won’t cut it anymore.

Like any trend, a stigma quickly arose towards finding love online. Many couples that meet via dating apps are actually inclined to lie about kick starting their relationship in such a way.

Why is it that we still fidget in our seats when it’s revealed we have an online dating profile? The average audience on dating apps falls between 18-24 year olds, which could explain the hesitancy to describe to Baby Boomers that you met your match through your phone.

While still not the most conventional way to love, it’s clear people are relaxing into digital dating more; reaching for apps instead of trying their luck at love down at the local pub.

Why did people embrace dating apps during COVID?

Fast forward to 2022, there are a plethora of dating apps, to suit any subculture of hopeful daters. Unsurprisingly, the pandemic saw a boost in users; a direct result of the lack of physical connection and intimacy leaving many feeling lost in the dating department.

While individuals were restricted in terms of meet-ups, it was up to the apps to create new, exciting ways of keeping singletons engaged, enter voice memos, videos, and video calls. Stepping out of messaging and forcing users to add depth and intimacy to their interactions.

Video is how you find that special someone. You can write down your traits, you can polish that profile picture, but there’s no hiding oneself when the camera is running in real time.

Growing sick of the small talk and seeking more innovative ways to meet like-minded people, virtual dates are very much on the rise while parts of the globe wade through lockdowns.

Why should users embrace the video feature?

Despite bars and restaurants reopening, this form of communication has become the norm. The humble work zoom call, has seen us flick on the video camera without hesitancy in order to prove our sincere nature when chatting with colleagues. The natural next step was to apply this to other lifestyle applications. Hello Tiger marks the beginning of this bold trend.

Scrapping the swipe mechanism (hallelujah), Hello Tiger cuts straight to the chase. Once users have been matched, they engage in a 60 second video chat to test compatibility, in fact, this portion of the dating process is mandatory if you want to keep talking via the app.

In a similar effort to wean out any ‘catfish’, users will be prompted to update their picture weekly and this can’t be uploaded from your camera roll, you’ve to snap a selfie on spot.

When you go on a date and meet someone for the first time, you know straight away if there is an attraction or connection you want to explore a little more.

Hello Tiger forces such confident interaction from the first encounter so you don’t have to be inundated with messages from someone you haven’t actually met face to face.

Hello Tiger is creating a community that no longer sees benefit to people hiding behind a facade of who they want to be/how they want to be perceived. It’s about dating real people, in real time, to form real connections. Putting a platform out there that makes a difference in people’s lives and eliminates the pain points of many other modern dating apps.

We no longer have the time or patience to wade through curated profiles and airbrushed headshots, the aim of the game is to bring real life connection to the comfort of your home.

Hello Tiger’s video feature brings a new level of authenticity to online dating, making it easier for individuals to gauge instant chemistry, get those awkward first date intros out of the way, and showcase their personality from the very beginning.

Video is the future, download Hello Tiger today via the Apple App Store or Google Play.


Chris Dutton is the founder of Hello Tiger. He has been a true entrepreneur and visionary in the media industry since emigrating from the UK in 2005. The epitome of a start-up success story, Chris founded his award-winning company upon arrival in Australia with $50 working from his spare bedroom, and has grown it with undoubted success into a truly iconic global brand.