This cybersecurity startup is offering free cyber support for businesses during COVID-19

Theo Nasser, CEO, Right-Hand
Theo Nasser, CEO, Right-Hand

As a response to the recent spike in phishing emails due to COVID-19, Right-Hand Cybersecurity has recently launched an initiative called #DefendTogether.

“Cyber attackers have reminded us of the type of adversary we’re up against, by using COVID-19 as an opportunity to victimise human distress for profit,” said Theo Nasser, CEO of Right-Hand Cybersecurity. 

As part of this #DefendTogether initiative, Right-Hand is offering a free cyber training module to any business in need of cyber support during this difficult period.  The module is a short, online and gamified means of educating people on the tactics cyber attackers are currently deploying, and how we can better defend ourselves and our organisations. 

“Right-Hand empathizes with the challenges that organizations around the world are going through right now, but unfortunately, cyber attackers do not.  We are determined to play our part in supporting organizations as they are experiencing these unplanned business pivots and transitioning their employees to work remote,” Theo said.

To learn more and take part in this initiative, visit here.