The unlikely pairing of crypto and e-sports offers strategic opportunities

Ben Zhou, Chief Executive Officer of Bybit

The increasing convergence of blockchain-driven platforms with esports and gaming labels has got many wondering if this is a train to hop on or just a bubble set to burst soon.

Whether it is to access a new pool of digital natives or enhance brand recognition beyond experienced traders, it is no doubt that the unlikely pairing has gained steady momentum.

With NFTs having cemented its presence and popularity, the emergence of blockchain gaming metaverses driven by cryptocurrencies will see this hype sustaining itself for the long run.

Bybit is partnering with EMERGE Esports

Bybit, one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange platforms, is not one to shy away from exploring these digitally innovative and excitingly, emerging markets.

Bybit extended its presence with great interest in the nascent, yet rapidly growing esports industry by partnering with local esports organisation EMERGE Esports.

The partners have embarked on initiatives to enlighten and encourage esports fans and audience about crypto trading through content creation, competitions and team sponsorships.

In addition to this, Bybit has also entered a multi-year partnership to sponsor four other prominent esports teams including Astralis, Alliance, Natus Vincere and

“The modern team up between crypto and esports is a strategic alliance that strives to benefit both industries. Esports in general draws in a lot of engagement,” says Ben Zhou, CEO of Bybit.

“As a customer-centric exchange, we go where our customers and their interests are.”

“Being associated with thriving esports companies and teams allows us to engage the young and digitally savvy esports community towards Bybit, and raises awareness about crypto.”

Benefits of Bybit and EMERGE Esports partnering

The esports sector is a billion-dollar industry with an estimated 474 million audience and is expected to experience exponential growth with around 200 million new gamers by 2024.

These collaborations bring about a symbiotic relationship.

The influx of crypto and blockchain-based behemoths has brought financial boon to the esports space, further amplifying the marketing and development opportunities available.

Roy Kek, the Chief Executive Officer of EMERGE Esports shared his opinion on the trend.

“The esports scene has been bustling the past year with partnerships from endemic and non-endemic brands looking to enhance their position amongst the growing esports community.”

“Through this partnership, both Bybit and EMERGE Esports are facilitated to seamlessly integrate key offerings that benefit both the traders and gaming communities.”

Bybit is focusing more effort to facilitate avenues for empowering a promising ecosystem that remains trendy and accessible to existing and upcoming crypto traders.

Bybit will use the exposure to elevate the true value of cryptocurrency by promoting financial literacy and providing rewarding onboarding opportunities for prospective traders.