The tech start-up digitising an outdated business necessity

The tech start-up digitising an outdated business necessity

Australian-based tech start-up, Tapt By Hatch, has introduced Australia’s first physical digitised business cards to market.

Founded by Elon Datt, Tapt is revolutionising the outdated business necessity by using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to create a sustainable, contact-free business card solution.

The concept was sparked when Elon was searching for business cards for his web development business in 2019. When he couldn’t find digitised physical cards in Australia, he went about developing the product himself.

After trialing a range of tech options and developing the landing page backend, Tapt launched to market in 2020.

With a reported 27 million business cards printed daily, 88% of which are tossed within a week of being passed on, Tapt is bringing a sustainable, sleek, and contact-free alternative to Australian consumers.

How does the card work?

The innovative tech allows users to import their contact details onto the card and update them as needed – meaning there’s no need for new cards when moving roles or changing positions.

Sharing contacts is easy, simply tap or scan your Tapt card onto a phone to share your contact details seamlessly.

Tapt’s sustainable ergonomic design is crafted from reusable stainless steel slate, creating an environmentally-friendly and durable card that will stand the test of time. The card is available online via this page with prices starting at $64.95.

Since launch, Tapt has seen a surge in people making the move to digital, with the team reporting an 800% increase in sales from May to June and an influx of enquiries from both individuals and national companies.

“We’re delivering the future of contact exchange to Australian consumers and encouraging them to ditch their single-use business cards for a sustainable solution.

We know consumers are becoming more mindful, but we also know that the business card in physical form is something people are reluctant to trade in. We’ve produced the perfect solution with Tapt,” says Founder, Elon Datt.