The seed to success: Warrp investment a chance to secure a piece of ecommerce ingenuity

An opportunity has opened to invest in one of the country’s most progressive start-ups.

Australia’s answer to safe and fair pre-owned item marketplace transactions, Warrp, is unlocking a seed funding opportunity for tech-savvy investors to close on 30 June 2021.

This rare opportunity is only open to the right investor, venture capitalist or private equity firm whose business acumen mirrors Warrp’s Australian startup ambition to become a global leader in the booming digital pre-owned goods economy.  

Warrp launched at the start of May and introduced several pioneering and high tech safety, consumer and item pricing features to its platform, designed and made in Australia by its in-house team of data engineers and developers to lower the costs of operating the platform. 

Cost savings with its local operations allow Warrp to maintain its low transaction fees once an item is transacted via the platform’s  in-built escrow and tracking payment system.

Warrp Co-Founder and CEO, Matthew Ng, said the company was introducing a lower than normal investment price barrier to ensure Warrp grows its user base and achieves its market traction goals by the end of 2021. 

“This nominal investment starting point provides reduced risk exposure to Warrp’s platform advantage and allows investors a chance to ensure our team is the right mix before going into a larger round of investment in the early part of 2022 for further expansion,” said Mr Ng.

“We know we created a scalable product with high growth potential as proven by the Warrp iOS app’s promising traction received in the first 30 days since launch.”

“We are launching the Android and Web platforms before the end of this month, which will see us acquire the balance of 65% of users that missed out on Warrp in May.”

“We have turned down investors already; it’s not just about the money, but forging a strategic partnership with a select few who bring value to Warrp’s immediate and longer term goals.”

“Warrp ranked 181 in the Apple App Store’s shopping category after only a month of operation, ahead of Westfield and just behind Hisense along with other big brand names.”