Increased email threats and hybrid work drive new Mimecast 1X Platform

Peter Bauer, Chief Executive Officer and founder at Mimecast

Mimecast Limited (Mimecast), an email and collaboration security firm, announced the availability of the Mimecast X1™ Platform. The widespread adoption of hybrid work environments coupled with the increased usage of digital-centric communication channels has expanded the attack surface – creating new organisational security risks for people and data.

By safeguarding email and business communications, the Mimecast X1 Platform is engineered to leverage a rich source of intelligence to learn about people and how they collaborate.

These insights enable firms to work protected by protecting their people, data, and communications. By 2026, Gartner® forecasts that 50% of C-level executives will have performance requirements related to risk built into their employment contract. The Mimecast X1 Platform is designed to mitigate risk across email communications – the No. 1 attack vector – and empower firms to secure their workplace environment wherever work happens.

What is the product offering of Mimecast X1 Platform?

It serves as the foundation of the Mimecast® Product Suite – built to drive detection capabilities, deliver reliability, resilience and scale, and transform data into insights that turn email and collaboration security into the eyes and ears of firms. The Mimecast X1 Platform encompasses four core innovations designed to mitigate risk and manage complexities:

Mimecast X1™ Precision Detection

Mimecast X1 Precision Detection is engineered to apply the latest advancements in AI and Machine Learning and enable intelligent detection of emerging and unknown threats, while layered protection keeps users safe all the way down to the point of risk. The industry’s most robust view of the email threat landscape – derived from Mimecast’s inspection of 1.3 billion emails daily – powers instantaneous blocking of the vast majority of email-based threats.

Mimecast X1™ Service Fabric

By allowing clients to grow securely and uncover user insights that can accelerate detection and response, the service provides the foundation for cloud-delivered security at scale.

Mimecast X1™ Data Analytics

Providing the foundation for a wide array of services and capabilities – from the discovery and analysis of new threats and accelerated product innovation to rich context for threat researchers and support for cross-correlation of data with systems beyond email – X1 Data Analytics is built with one primary goal in mind: making information actionable for customers.

Mimecast Extensible Security Hooks (MESH)

Mimecast Extensible Security Hooks exposes a vast API ecosystem that supports fast, simplified integration of Mimecast with existing security investments. Hundreds of integrations to third party security solutions have been implemented, spanning SIEM, SOAR, EDR to TIP and XDR. The result is reduced complexity, lowered risk, and optimized security investments.

What does the platform mean for Mimecast?

“The introduction of the Mimecast X1 Platform represents an important next step in our company’s transformational journey. Email is where collaboration happens, and it continues to be the top attack vector demanding the strongest possible protection. However, alleviating cyber risk is not just the CISO’s job anymore,” commented Peter Bauer, Mimecast CEO.

“It is a collective responsibility shared by every organisational leader and employee. With the adoption of these solutions, more firms and employees at all levels can work protected by receiving critical security benefits at lower costs and with easy deployment options.”

The firm is previewing Mimecast Email Security (Express), a gateway-less email security solution. The existing email security product, Secure Email Gateway, will now be known as Mimecast Email Security (Gateway). With this deployment option, enabled by the Mimecast X1 Platform, Mimecast will be able to provide clients with world-class email security.

Qualified clients can register for early access to a 30-day trial of Email Security (Express). The product will be available for purchase by new customers in the US and UK in late fall 2022.

To learn more about the Mimecast X1 Platform, experience a demo of Mimecast Email Security (Express), and explore other Mimecast products and solutions, visit Booth #1250 at Black Hat USA 2022 on August 10–11, or visit the Mimecast website