The Mith makes it three with his latest release, The Ugandan Album – Q&A

The Mith makes it three with his latest release, The Ugandan Album - Q&A
The Mith donning some I'm So UG merch.

First it was September Reign Vol. 1 in 2009, then on to the debut album, The Week of September in 2012, followed by Destination Africa in 2014, and then… a loooonnnng break. To be fair, The Mith was still dropping some fresh singles every now and then during that time.

For those who are staunch fans of Ugandan Hiphop, it’s undoubtedly good news to hear that as of 24th September, The Mith’s third studio album, The Ugandan Album is available to the masses. I guess the Ugandan rap don just has a thing for September.

One standout attribute for this new project is that while a lot of people are chasing a collaboration with the star of the moment to try and break into another region/go continental or international, The Mith chose to give just about all the features to Ugandan artists.

And not just your obvious hitting artist because he’s done that before and it has worked out with tracks like “Big Is Me” with Bobi Wine and Vampino. The Mith has used this album to give a chance to people we know are talented but are yet to get their fair share of the spotlight.

Just peep this tracklist below and judge for yourself:

We caught up with the multi-award winning rapper for a quick chat and here’s what he had to say about music and more:

In a radio interview around the release of Destination Africa, you said one of your major goals was celebration, that there was a lot of bad news around the time and you wanted to paint a picture of the more jovial side of Africa. With this next album, what would you say is a major underlying message you want to put across?

We are definitely celebrating being Ugandan, living in Uganda and everything in between. Yes there are deeper songs, inspired by the times we are living in, but the main thing here is celebrate. There is way too much negative news out there to go on and add more into the world. Good Vibes Only…

You’ve been involved in some charity/philanthropic recently, tell us a bit about that and how other people can get involved?

I worked closely with Viva Con Agua on International Water Day, in Soroti, but I have not worked with them since. Or anyone else for that matter. The goal for me, has become bigger.

I am currently setting up something that represents me properly, and hopefully we’ll get that off the ground soon enough.

What are some of the side ventures you’ve worked on since your last album?

The I’m So UG brand is doing well, we will definitely be making sure to add more to it. As far as events, we have the AF Silent Disco, with Almost Famous Deejays and Machame Health Club in Naguru, we had a new event we wanted to launch, but the pandemic happened…

I obviously can’t give those details away. We are working around the clock to see what we can add on, or remove from our events. We just know events, once we are allowed to have them, will be LIT from our sides.

What were some of the activities involved in the AkaDope mentorship program? And what message do you have for your peers in regard to what they can do to see that those who come after them deliver better?

With #AKADope we did the performances, but also just different conversations about what each artist can do better, and how they can move forward. All those artists have my number, and we still communicate… and work, coz i genuinely believe they are talented.

To my peers, all you can do is support. Things change fast, everything is digital and all, but that support goes a long way.

Since it’s COVID season indefinitely, how can people access the album?

The album is on all streaming platforms… but we will have physical copies as well.

We’d love to give you a track-by-track review, but opinions are a dime a dozen so how about you listen to it first then we can all argue about it over some drinks. You can stream or download The Ugandan Album here.