The importance of building a trusted brand for long term success

I’ve always held a passion for the cosmetics industry, but my passion really took off working alongside a Plastic Surgeon as a Registered Nurse.

Working with the then President of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, I learnt so much not only about business and the industry itself but also about the invaluable benefits of helping women – and men – feel better by enhancing their natural beauty.

What is The Cosmetic Lounge all about?

My business has gone from strength to strength since I launched The Cosmetic Lounge in 2014 because we’ve never adopted a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

The Cosmetic Lounge is absolutely customer-centric. At its core, The Cosmetic Lounge espouses – always – a natural approach to cosmetic treatments. Our aim is always to place confidence in each patient we work with, while maintaining their natural beauty.

I am so proud of the fact that so much of my business’s success is due to word-of-mouth. I now have three clinics in New South Wales, with plans for further expansion in the near future.

I am confident of expansion because the foundations of The Cosmetic Lounge are so strong. The brand is built on a strong reputation of quality, honesty and ethical treatment.

This reputation simply can’t be manufactured. It’s earned and this is a major business lesson I’ve learned and will continue to champion for the life of The Cosmetic Lounge.

You can’t fake quality… especially not in the cosmetic injectables industry. At the beginning of my career journey, I wish I knew to believe in myself more. I questioned my business savviness but quickly discovered that providing quality service speaks volumes.

Sometimes you’ve just got to back yourself and go for it; especially when you’re passionate about the industry as I’ve always been. Yes, there are businesses that have boomed because of the calibre of some of the clientele they’ve been able to attract.

Celebrities and influencers can play a huge role in brand-building, especially in the cosmetics space, but this alone is never enough. If the business doesn’t deliver true quality, its success will be short-lived, especially when it comes to the cosmetic treatments industry.


The Cosmetic Lounge’s passion for beauty and cosmetics

Many factors contribute to my love of the beauty and cosmetic industry but mainly, it’s being able to give my patients confidence to feel beautiful in their skin that I love the most.

It’s such a gratifying feeling and it truly gives me fulfilment every day. Every member of The Cosmetic Lounge team is focussed on safety, quality and enhancing individual natural beauty.

This is virtually a condition of employment at The Cosmetic Lounge and I truly believe it’s among one of the key driving factors of our ongoing success.

When you look good, you feel good and confident as a working woman who is often juggling the work-life balance and societal expectations in appearance.

The potential benefits of feeling confident are endless.

There is no single definition of beauty. It really is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes one’s imperfections are what’s most beautiful about them.

But for those who feel less confident in their skin because of a physical feature that can be easily enhanced, cosmetic treatments can work wonders.

Having ‘work done’ doesn’t have to mean – in-fact, it shouldn’t mean – looking like a barbie doll or having a trout pout. Good ‘work’ should look completely natural.

Expert advice from The Cosmetic Lounge

My main piece of advice for anyone considering a cosmetic treatment is to ensure you’re dealing with a trusted injector. Check their credentials.

Ask to see before and after examples of their work. Seek testimonials. Really research the injector before committing to a treatment.

It’s also important that you listen to the injector’s expert advice. You may want a completely different nose but the nose you want may not aesthetically suit the rest of your facial features.

Be flexible and realistic to achieve a natural look that simply enhances your current beauty.

At The Cosmetic Lounge, we don’t change the look of our patients. We enhance their natural beauty and, in my opinion, that’s what all cosmetic treatment businesses should aspire to do.

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, things people should avoid doing include: overfilling, drinking alcohol the night before, exercising or drinking alcohol 48 hours after a treatment and travelling two weeks after a treatment.

Those with low immunity issues aren’t ideal candidates for cosmetic procedures but speak with a trained injector about your individual situation.

Those who consider cosmetic treatments as unnecessary and only for the vain have no real understanding of the potential benefits of looking better to feel better.

I have built a business that is focussed on enhancing confidence by enhancing appearance and it’s doing well because I’ve never faked it.

The Cosmetic Lounge’s reputation is top-notch because it has been earned since day one.

A business is only as good as its reputation and for a strong business reputation, a steadfast commitment to quality is paramount.

Jelena Vucica is a registered nurse who founded one of Australia’s busiest nurse-injector clinics, The Cosmetic Lounge