The Atticism implements an offering for post-COVID needs of businesses

Renae Smith, Founder of The Atticism

Now, in their 11th year of business, award winning PR and brand development agency, The Atticism, has given their business an overhaul by refreshing their brand identity and completely changing their menu of services to better service the needs of customers.

Credited as the first AU agency to implement the 20-hour work week and paid period leave for staff, and spokespeople against the use of ‘fake influencer’ campaigns and vanity metrics – the Atticism’s new, ‘discovery audit’ service has won them some incredible customers, including Park HyattCappsuleBaby Dragon BarOakberry Açai and intelliHR.

What is market offering of The Atticism?

Founder, Renae Smith, is excited to finally launch The Atticism’s fresh new look, created by renowned Dutch illustrator Tim Bontan, as well as their much anticipated ‘Discovery Audit’ service, which is now available to all new clients after being extensively tested throughout 2022. This service has received 5-star reviews from all brand owners who have undertaken it, offering a second-to-none level of insight into their current business position.

Originally designed to help save money (and support dwindling budgets due to the effects of the global pandemic), The Atticism’s Discovery Audit assesses a brand’s position before the strategy or proposal is created, allowing the team to identify any roadblocks before work begins, rather than wasting time discovering issues mid-way through a campaign.

One of The Atticism’s core values is “being frank” – and they’re not afraid to tell it like it is. Renae said, “In the past we have turned away brands who think they are ready to have their story told and will not accept our advice when we tell them they’re not there yet!”

“Instead of client’s feeling dejected when we identify issues, we want to help them get their brand ready to shine, before they waste marketing dollars on a big campaign that takes them in the wrong direction or has to pause to fix up issues that were not identified earlier.”

With the lines of marketing so blurred these days, many brands are scratching their heads when deciding where to allocate precious marketing budget. The Atticism’s Discovery Audit is designed to help guide this process by looking at all options, holistically.

The Discovery Audit allows The Atticism’s team of experts across varying disciplines to do a full sweep of a brand – this includes marketing channels and social media, visual brand identity assets, photography, website content and SEO performance, existing partnership agreements, and much, much more. The audit also checks the effectiveness of existing activity, allowing the team to identify any changes or adaptations that will increase ROI.

How is The Atticism helping start-ups hit strides?

“We work with many owners who are busy with the operations side of business and let their brand fall by the wayside. The audit summarises the state of the brand and offers recommendations to be implemented either by the client, or by The Atticism,” said Smith.

“Whilst we started as a PR agency in 2012, persistent changes to the media industry and economy requires us to audit our own services to give clients the best chance of success. Our strategies now include all four pillars of media – earned, paid, shared, and owned.”

Ashley Hunt, Senior Account Director at The Atticism

The Atticism’s Sydney based team, headed by industry expert and Senior Account Director, Ashley Hunt, includes a range of experts including digital marketers, content specialists, SEO experts, social media managers, graphic designers and ex. journalists.

“There are so many channels for a brand’s story to be told yet marketing agencies continue to work in silos offering just one specialist field, often subcontracting a whole other agency to shadow work one arm of a campaign. It’s ineffective and costly, with customers paying double – or even triple in management fees,” commented Ashley. Offering more services allows The Atticism to create bespoke packages suitable to an individual business.

“There is no one-size-fits-all solution to PR & Marketing. Some brands would benefit from building brand awareness and reputation through PR, others require a strong social media presence along with a solid SEO strategy. We’re proud to create an overarching campaign that suits the needs of our clients’ business in an ever-changing world,” continues Hunt.