Thales launches innovative payment HSM service to help accelerate cloud payments infrastructure adoption

Todd Moore, Vice President of Data Security Products at Thales
Todd Moore, Vice President of Data Security Products at Thales

Thales has launched Thales payShield Cloud HSM, a subscription-based digital payments security service built on its market-leading payShield 10K Payment Hardware Security Module (HSM) tech to help clients accelerate the adoption of cloud-based payments infrastructure.

What is the market offering of payShield Cloud HSM?

Taking payment HSM expertise to the cloud

For over 30 years, Thales’s payment HSMs have helped protect cryptographic keys and sensitive data to facilitate secure payment processes – online and in person. Leveraging the long-term success of Thales’s on-premises payment HSM deployments globally, the service offers rapid deployment, improved flexibility, and seamless integration with cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

The payShield Cloud HSM service can be used in hybrid deployments, enabling existing customers to move any application to the cloud at their own pace while avoiding disruption to their on-prem HSM infrastructure. The service can be deployed in minutes, delivering instant security, trust, segregation of duties, and functions that support the needs of leading payment brands such as American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, UnionPay, and Visa.

Flexibility without compromising on security

The payShield Cloud HSM service is an alternative way for businesses to fulfil their payment security needs. It simplifies the sharing of production HSMs across multiple locations and applications, allowing more HSMs to be added quickly for resilience, backup or capacity.

The revolutionary payShield Cloud HSM service is currently supported by multiple data centres across the United States and EU regions, with more in the pipeline – helping partner businesses with the growing complexity of data sovereignty. These data centres comply with critical data security audit standards like PCI PIN security essential for payment processing.

What does the solution mean for the industry?

“Across industries and geographies, digital services are transitioning from on-premises to cloud-based offerings. Payment solutions are no exception. Our cloud-based payShield 10K HSM service provides a new, flexible and fully-compliant solution for facilitating digital and face-to-face payments,” said Todd Moore, Vice President of Data Security Products at Thales.

“This new offering delivers the exceptional performance customers expect from our payment HSM platforms, including low-latency operations with leading cloud platforms,” Moore said.

Commenting on the service, Jose Diaz, VP, Products & Services at Prime Factors, said, “Continuing our decades of collaboration with Thales, Prime Factors has successfully tested our Bank Card Security System (BCSS) with the Thales payShield Cloud HSM service.”

“Not only are our BCSS customers able to leverage the full functionality of payShield in the cloud, but they can seamlessly do so with payShield HSMs across hybrid environments. The Bank Card Security System allows easy and flexible control over using Thales payment HSMs on premises and in the cloud – designating specific functionality in one environment or another or load-balancing functionality across cloud and local payShield HSMs,” Diaz said.

The payShield Cloud HSM service is available now to existing Thales customers migrating to a multi-cloud environment or adopting a hybrid approach as well as new customers seeking a cloud service payment security approach. For existing payShield clients, the service offers full backward compatibility with on-premises payShield HSMs, like any existing custom code.

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