Thales opens sixth Cyber Security Operations Center in Morocco

Hicham Alj, Managing Director of Thales Morocco.

Thales is opening a new Cyber Security Operations Center (SOC) in Morocco, the sixth in its international network. This Cyber Security Operations Center (SOC) will provide real-time protection against cyber-attacks in the country and across the African continent as a whole.

Why is Africa the perfect market for Thales?

The digital transformation of African communities, as illustrated by the extensive use of mobile payments across the continent, and the rise in teleworking due to the health crisis, have had a significant impact on Africa’s vulnerability to cyber-attacks.

While businesses and individuals are becoming connected, this must be accompanied by an increase in the level of protection in order to tackle the multiplication and sophistication of attacks. Outside the financial sector, all sectors are affected, including the most important ones, such as gov’t services but also water distribution, energy and telecommunications.

Furthermore, a new legal framework is driving businesses to equip themselves with a means of supervision in cybersecurity. Thales, which is already present in Morocco, is strengthening its cyber expertise on the continent. The SOCs combine 24/7 threat detection and analysis capabilities and deliver responses in compliance with the country’s infrastructure and policies.

What does this SOC offer to Thales’ clients?

There are six SOCs located in Canada, France, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and now Morocco, and they currently form an international network operating according to the “follow the sun” model which offers continuous support to more than a hundred clients around the world, with an unequaled level of responsiveness and flexibility.

“Thales is proud to be able to strengthen its expertise and know-how in the field of cybersecurity in Morocco,” Hicham Alj, Managing Director of Thales Morocco.

“The launch of this SOC shows the Group’s aspirations to support the growth of security facilities in Africa, while closely matching its clients’ needs. As well as our analysis capacities, we offer businesses access to a hybrid consultancy and monitoring solution for their activity, thus demonstrating our commitment to fostering skills and autonomy over the long term.”

Thales offers its customers more than 20 years’ expertise in the field of cybersecurity, in particular SOC solutions, combined with an extensive portfolio of solutions: cyber auditing and consulting, integration of cybersecurity solutions developed by Thales as well as solutions from leading publishers, and simulation of Penetration Testing and Red Teaming attacks.

In Africa, the Thales Group supports its customers in ensuring compliance with the country’s regulations and technical processes, assessing cyber risks and their level of maturity, investigating and anticipating cyber crises and neutralizing complex attacks.