Thales announces new solution to improve forensic investigation efforts

Luc Tombal, Public Security Solutions Director at Thales
Luc Tombal, Public Security Solutions Director at Thales

For decades, Thales has allowed investigation experts to record, analyze and compare biometric characteristics with the highest level of performance. Thales puts forensic facets to the next level with one of the top NIST-ranked solutions, uncompromised on accuracy, customizability, and scalability. With Evidence & Investigation Suite, Thales put emphasis on remote accessibility and utmost mobility, offering forces full flexibility and improved results.

Why is this a timely solution for the industry?

According to the World Bank, 7 out of 10 individuals will live in cities by 2050. This rise in global urbanization leads to a significant need for technology to effectively improve public security. Thales Evidence and Investigation Suite is a cloud-based comprehensive suite of solutions and services that fulfill security forces’ time constraints and flexibility demands.

The Suite enhances the current capabilities of field operations by allowing investigators to access highly professional tools remotely on their mobile phones from anywhere.

Thales’ solution comprises compact devices that can capture biometric data like facial and iris images, finger- and palmprints; as well as secure data storage capacity and processing tools that support forensic teams during investigations. The security forces can rely on Thales and its 30+ years of biometrics expertise when making critical decisions in the fight against crime.

What does this mean for Thales?

Commenting on the new solution, Luc Tombal, Public Security Solutions Director at Thales, said, “In the fight against crime, time is the enemy. That’s why Thales Evidence & Investigation Suite was created by experts with extensive field knowledge for experts.”

“Thanks to the ultra-mobile multifunction application, each investigator can benefit from having a biometric forensic lab at the palm of their hand that strives to simplify and accelerate the procedure. Time optimization is crucial in investigations, and this unique approach allows access to vital information within minutes, expediting criminal case resolutions compared to the traditional days-long process,”Luc Tombal further added.