Thales awarded the 2022 Frost & Sullivan Market Leadership Award

Thales, with its Sentinel Platform for License and Entitlement Management, has been awarded the Best Practices Frost & Sullivan Market Leadership Award in the software license management market. Recognized among other companies that successfully deploy best practices, growth strategies, and strategic analytics, Thales received the award for achieving the greatest market share based on its outstanding performance, products, and services.

Why did Thales stand out in the category?

Frost & Sullivan’s team of Growth Pipeline experts continually identifies and evaluates growth opportunities across multiple industries, technologies, and regions worldwide. The process involves the rigorous analysis of several nominees for each award category to determine the recipient, evaluating best practices criteria across two dimensions for each nominee.

Thales was successful across several categories, including product differentiation, brand strength, growth strategy excellence, product quality, and implementation excellence. Software licensing management (SLM) production has faced several roadblocks in its development. Software manufacturers and device makers struggle to prevent access to unauthorised users while ensuring legitimate users can easily access and buy their solutions.

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath, as well as high costs and lack of awarenesss, mean that despite its many benefits, SLM has not grown as exponentially as it should, especially in regions such as Asia and Latin America. Thales is a recognized leader in the software monetization field, providing the most comprehensive platform and services for license and entitlement management and helping SaaS companies accelerate their growth.

With a team of 450 experts in over 20 countries, in the US, Europe, South Korea, China, Japan, and India, Thales solidifies its position as a leader in software license management.

What is Thales’ market offering in the SaaS space?

“Thales provides the most comprehensive platform for software enforcement and hardware enforcement and is focused on solutions to help the SaaS market scale quickly,” said Mukul Krishna, Global Practice Head, Frost & Sullivan. Thales offers a comprehensive suite of software monetization solutions, using a sophisticated entitlement management capability to address any combination of SaaS, on-premises, and device-based requirements.

The company provides clients with the flexibility to create, manage, and deploy custom licenses for products across distribution channels and pricing models to meet evolving client needs. It enables the tracking of customer licenses; prevents their reproduction, distribution, and unauthorized use; and protects license IP theft through encryption and anti-debugging.

With its SaaS services, application programming interfaces (APIs) and web services, Thales lowers ownership cost and the high expense of customization for an elevated customer experience. In a competitive and ever-changing market, Thales has made its way to the top with an effective growth strategy and resilience and offers optimal services at a global scale.

Thales’ software monetization solutions are available for use. For more, download the Frost and Sullivan Growth Opportunity Analysis 2022 report or visit the website.