Thailand’s SEAC eyes expansion in the ASEAN SMART learning market

Arinya Talerngsri, Chief Executive Officer at SEAC
Arinya Talerngsri, Chief Executive Officer at SEAC

SEAC, a lifelong education innovator, is shaking up the Thai and ASEAN education market with significant investment to expand its SMART learning solutions across ASEAN. The world is rapidly evolving, and current learning methods fail to keep pace; SEAC is poised to capitalize on the growing demand for more effective tech-supported education design and delivery.

How is SEAC revolutionizing education sector?

SEAC also previously launched a new range of innovative products and solutions for the Thai market, including two comprehensive Learning Experience Platforms(LXP) that offer flexibility for learners and their individual needs. They feature personalized learning paths, interactive content, and collaborative learning experiences. The firm has also leveraged decades of deep learning design experience and insights to make learning flexible, social, and convenient.

SEAC is also investing in its workforce. The company has been recruiting top talents in the industry and investing to enhance employees’ capabilities for the future of their industry and to exceed learner’s requirements. This has enabled the company to stay ahead of the curve and deliver cutting-edge solutions to clients. The Thai and ASEAN SMART learning will grow significantly in the coming years, and SEAC is poised to be a major player in this market.

What does the expansion mean for ASEAN?

A recent report estimates that the ASEAN Smart Education and Learning market will grow annually by 19.2% and its value will reach US$24.19 billion by 2025. SEAC’s long history of success in the corporate training segment provides a great platform to introduce a new range of solutions into this expansive market. SEAC will continue expanding its regional service with a particular focus on Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia in Q2/Q3 this year.

SEAC has been making inroads into the evolving K-12 education and University segments, which account for over 50% of the total market value. Govt initiatives, like the Thailand 4.0 national strategy, are expected to drive the growth of the ASEAN e-learning market.

SEAC is a company that potential investors will want to keep a close eye on. The ASEAN region’s large, young, and tech-savvy population has shown their willingness to opt for cost-effective SMART learning solutions that help them grow their skills and empower their lives.

What does the expansion mean for SEAC?

SEAC has been testing a range of cost-effective SMART learning experiences that will bridge learning gaps in the region. James Engel, SEAC Chief Learning Architect, said: “These ‘smarter’ ways of learning to move the experience from an instructor, topic, and event focus to a leaner, tech-supported design and delivery that emphasizes the learner, their needs & context. Our finish line is applied learning that positively impacts their lives and their world.”

Commenting on the expansion, Ms. Arinya Talerngsri, SEAC’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “Our investment in the Thai and ASEAN SMART learning market is a game-changer for the corporate and lifelong education sectors. We are committed to offering a comprehensive and engaging SMART learning experiences to a broad range of learners and professionals.”

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