Tezos activates Mumbai upgrade introducing a variety of advancements

Tezos, a pioneering blockchain for Proof-of-Stake consensus and on-chain governance, has activated Mumbai, its thirteenth core protocol upgrade. The Mumbai upgrade introduces a variety of advancements which include Smart Rollups, a new Layer 2 scaling solution built directly into the protocol, which puts Tezos at the forefront of optimistic rollup technology.

What is the market offering of Mumbai’s Smart Rollups?

Smart Rollups enable decentralized applications (dApps) to benefit from their own dedicated hardware resources in order to process a high number of transactions, while the general functional integrity and security of the Smart Rollup is guaranteed by the Tezos main chain, or Layer 1. Due to this effecient approach, the Tezos ecosystem will be able to surpass the milestone of one million transactions per second in 2023 without sacrificing decentralization.

Smart Rollups come with state-of-the-art technical features, which include the following:

  • Fully decentralized and open interactive fraud proofs guarantee rollup security and integrity, provided there is at least one honest participant in the rollup validation.
  • A WebAssembly (WASM) execution environment allows for flexible development and deployment of a wide range of decentralized applications. Developers can now use general purpose programming languages such as Rust, C, and C++ to build applications ranging from tailor-made business solutions to public open platforms, such as an EVM-compatible chain on top of Tezos.
  • Advanced rollup features simplify interactions such as broadcasting from Layer 1 to all rollups, calling Layer 1 smart contracts from Layer 2, or transferring assets across layers.
  • New data availability solutions are possible, as Smart Rollups support custom data channels for interfacing with data providers external to the Tezos blockchain.

What other advancements does Mumbai offer?

Beyond rollups, Mumbai also introduces improvements to Tezos’ Layer 1. Block time is significantly reduced from 30 to 15 seconds, which is made possible with pipelined validation. This change reduces network latency and provides a much smoother user experience overall.

The protocol upgrade also includes updates to previously existing features, such as Tickets, which become more flexible by allowing direct transfers between users which are convenient.

As with every Tezos upgrade, Mumbai has been approved by the community through the Tezos blockchain’s on-chain governance process. The activation of Mumbai marks the culmination of a months-long collaboration between developers’ teams and the broader Tezos community.

Experts from Nomadic Labs, MarigoldTriliTechOxhead AlphaTaridesDaiLambda, as well as Functori have contributed to this innovative update, which unveils a new era of scalability and therefore opens the door for exciting new applications to be deployed on Tezos blockchain.


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