Texcoco Collective recognized as a sustainable leader at Amplify Awards

Monique Montfroy, Founder of Texcoco Collective

Texcoco Collective has been crowned a winner in the competitive 2022 Amplify Awards. After receiving entries from top businesses from all over Australia, the judges assessed several factors including innovation, excellence, customer service, ingenuity and community, and deemed Texcoco Collective a trailblazer in the sustainable Leader of the Year category.

The awards honour excellence, achievement, passion, purpose and more. Winners are celebrated not just for their size, but for their outstanding effort behind the scenes as well.

What is the market offering of Texcoco Collective?

Joining the ever growing list of sustainable brands, Texcoco Collective is a luxury fashion accessory brand committed to eco-conscious design, environmental conservation, and thoughtful consumption. We celebrate the designers of our products and aim to empower women to have beautiful, functional pieces without compromising on their standards or style.

Texcoco Collective offers a range of eco-luxe vegan leather handbags. It’s one of few sustainable Aussie labels that works with Mexican artisans and skilled workers to craft vegan bags made from Mexican cactus leather, helping to turn the tide on wasteful practices.

What does the recognition mean for Texcoco Collective?

Commenting on the awards, Monique Montfroy, Founder of Texcoco Collective, said, “It’s an honour to be named a winner by the Amplify Awards. This validates our position as a small business poised to make an impact on the Aussie eCommerce and business landscape.”

“Texcoco Collective is driving change in the fashion industry, with high quality, beautiful accessories that make a statement in more ways than one. We promise bags which are functional, beautiful, and sustainable, made from eco-friendly cactus leather and are proudly made in Mexico by highly-skilled leather craftsmen. This award is a testament to everyone’s hard work, dedication and love for both the brand and our clients,” Monique further said.

“We’re always working to improve our business, grow our community, and to rethink unethical practices in the fashion industry and aim to create products that decrease social and environmental impacts as well as celebrate design and creativity. I congratulate all other winners in each category, and thank the Amplify Award judges from Megaphone and Yotpo.”