TerryWhite Chemmart taps WorkJam to improve employee communication

WorkJam, the digital workplace for firms with frontline employees, announced a partnership with Aussie retail pharmacy brand, TerryWhite Chemmart (TWC). Australia’s fastest growing community pharmacy brand will be added to WorkJam’s APAC portfolio, integrating with WorkJam to streamline internal communication between support office and pharmacy teams.

What does the partnership mean for TWC and WorkJam?

TerryWhite Chemmart entered the partnership with WorkJam to improve frontline pharmacy efficiency and communication of activities from TerryWhite Chemmart (TWC) support office to their network partner pharmacies. The business also plans to roll out training modules via the platform to grow employee knowledge on new products and service offerings.

Andrew Myers, Managing Director for APAC at WorkJam

WorkJam’s APAC Managing Director, Andrew Myers, said, “The addition of one of Australia’s leading retail pharmacies to our portfolio, proves that not only does our state-of-the-art technology enhance frontline workplaces, but that we are leaders in this space.”

Executive General Manager at TWC, Nick Munroe, is excited to see the benefits of partnering and onboarding a digital workplace as an internal tool to improve visibility within the network. Munroe said, “We look forward to improving our organisation’s internal communications, task management and the completion of learnings and training modules, through the use of tech.”

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