Education non-profit TBM Council announces the winners of its awards

Eileen Wade, General Manager of TBM Council

The Technology Business Management (TBM) Council, a nonprofit dedicated to advancing the discipline of TBM through education and standards that empower collaboration between IT leaders and partners, announced the winners of the 10th annual TBM Council Awards. 

What are the TBM Council Awards about?

The TBM Council Awards provide a front-row seat to the rapidly changing technology landscape. Among past nominees, we’ve seen mass migration to the cloud, adoption of Agile-at-scale approaches, and increased investment in digital platforms. These awards show us the formidable impact of TBM on businesses, their people, and their customers. 

Winners represent a diverse array of companies from around the world and across industry verticals, including healthcare, financial services, retail, manufacturing, logistics, and govt. 

 “On the 10th anniversary of TBM Council, having the opportunity to honour such leading-edge companies that have been able to achieve true business revolutions with TBM is an honour. It’s a true testament to the decade of collaboration and innovation that has come out of the Council and its members,” said Eileen Wade, general manager of the TBM Council.

“TBM has proven to be a key discipline for the evolution and transformation of enterprises in their modernisation efforts. We are proud of the winners of this year’s TBM Council Awards and how they continue to innovate their business practices and drive proven business value.” 

Who were the winners of the TBM Council Awards?

Nominees were evaluated for quantitative results like cost savings, and other factors like the ability of teams to shift money from run-the-business to change-the-business, fund innovation programs, optimise public cloud spending, and deliver high return on investment from project and product portfolios. Winners of the 2022 TBM Council Awards are: 

 IT Financial Leadership-Winner: John Deere

This category recognises a firm that uses TBM to satisfy corporate financial requirements for budgeting, forecasting and reporting while enabling an array of other business outcomes such as business innovation, service delivery, cloud transformation, or Agile evolution. 

Business Optimisation-Winner: National Grid plc

This category recognises a firm that has driven meaningful efficiencies in delivering tech to the business and/or in helping the business be more efficient through the use of technology. 

Service Excellence-Winner: BNY Mellon

This category recognises an organisation that uses TBM to support the efficient delivery of shared technology services to line-of-business partners and consumers and to continuously optimise the cost to serve internal and/or external customers. 

Business Innovation-Winner: Stanley Black & Decker

This category recognises a firm that has been instrumental in driving more significant business innovations. These innovations drive noteworthy improvements in competitiveness, revenue growth, customer satisfaction/loyalty, and/or other corporate priorities. 

Cloud Transformation-Winner: UBS 

This category recognises an organisation that has made significant strides in transforming the way they develop and support business capabilities by using public cloud infrastructure, platforms and/or software. This may be in support of a cloud-first or cloud-native model. 

Agile Evolution-Winner: Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

This category recognises a shift from project- to product-centric investment models and empowered Agile teams to innovate within an overall financial investment framework supported by Finance and the TBM and/or lean portfolio management (LPM) program. 

TBM Pacesetter-Winner: Transport for NSW

This category recognises an organisation that has demonstrated significant progress and value with TBM in a relatively short period of time. 

Public Sector Excellence-Winner: United States Secret Service

Government, education, nonprofit, and healthcare organisations face unique challenges to accomplish complex missions with limited resources. The TBM Council established the Public Sector Excellence Award to recognise organisations and leaders leveraging the TBM discipline to bring a consolidated, transparent view to their technology investments.