Tecnotree launches 5G digital convergent charging platform

Leena Koskelainen, Chief Operating Officer at Tecnotree

Tecnotree, the global player of Digital Business Support Systems, announced the launch of its 5G enabled Digital Online Charging System (DOCS) solution – a cloud-native microservices-based convergent charging platform designed to cater to both the current and futuristic monetization use-cases of Communication and Digital Service Providers.

Why is DOCS the perfect market solution?

With flattening ARPUs (Average Revenue Per Unit) and declining loyalty, compounded by an explosion in data consumption, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are under a lot of pressure to offer appealing and hyper personalized services to acquire and retain customers.

Also, the tech advancements have widened the scope of CSPs to focus on new business avenues of digital services and IoT/Enterprise services to fight the disruptions and to stay relevant in the Retail and Enterprise Segment. Tecnotree DOCS system is designed to support existing and futuristic monetization requirements of CSPs across the verticals and industries.

Based on the latest 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) recommendations & TM Forum open API standards, Tecnotree’s DOCS platform enables CSPs to build, launch and monetize their own and create partner offerings to generate new revenue streams quickly.

It supports multiple charging models including monetary, events, subscriptions and payment models. Also, DOCS supports network slice-based Charging, Policy and QoS management, AI/ML capabilities for real-time recommendations, and personalized notifications.

What were the executive’s thoughts on DOCS?

“We strongly believe that telco partners and Communication Service Providers should be empowered to deliver new digital offerings and enhanced customer experience to their end customers. Thus, we have not limited our offerings to only telco services but have extended our digital BSS suite portfolio with new Convergent Charging Solutions for new age 5G and IoT based Service Providers,” said Leena Koskelainen, Tecnotree Chief Operating Officer.

Further commenting on DOCS, she said, “DOCS is going to be the cornerstone for CSPs to monetize the 5G investments as it can also be implemented to cater to specific 5G services with co-existing deployment models along with your current Online Charging Systems.”

Tecnotree state-of-the-art DOCS solution allows CSPs to innovate, build, deliver and monetize new experiences with advanced pricing and real-time exposure to partners and marketplaces. The DOCS is also empowered with Digital Wallet capabilities allowing customers to do various monetary actions including recharge and auto-top-ups, bill payments, management of loyalty points, and buying new telco and non-telco services.