Tecnotree is the first non-teleco to be certified for open API implementation

Padma Ravichander, Chief Executive Officer of Tecnotree Corporation

Tecnotree, a Digital Transformation Partner, is the first non-telco to be certified for open API implementation on the leader board for TM Forum Open API Conformance. The certifications were carried out jointly with MTN in live operations in the MTN environment and showed the successful implementation of Open APIs in commercial products and real-world deployments.

What does the certification mean for the industry?

Alignment to industry best practices have been a part of Tecnotree’s DNA and its Digital Transformation strategy and proves Tecnotree’s commitment to industry standards, clients, and partner ecosystems. This achievement makes Tecnotree the first Digital Platform firm among the likes of Verizon, Bell, and JIO, for certified real-world open API implementation.

Tecnotree’s Digital Platform powered with Open APIs using Open Digital Architecture enables flexible integration to transform telecom business and operation models that extends beyond connectivity to monetise business models and partner ecosystems across verticals.

TM Forum Open API suite was developed in collaboration to drive IT agility, and digital business transformation. The certification recognizes how well your industry solutions, business processes, or open APIs align within the industry standards.

They unlock growth opportunities by providing exposure to new products and services while reducing cost and time to market. A large number of major global operators and vendors use the TM Forum Open API conformance, and the APIs are deployed all over the world.

What were the executives’ thoughts on the milestone?

“We congratulate Tecnotree for being the first non-telco to achieve real-world certification for Open APIs deployed in live operation with MTN,” said George Glass, CTO of TM Forum.

“This is a path-breaking move by a software solutions provider and reaffirms Tecnotree’s commitment to open standards and their investment in next-gen product modernization. Tecnotree has been a great supporter of TM Forum’s work and is demonstrating the business value of Open APIs in enabling digital transformation for their customers,” Glass further said.

Monzer Ali, CTIO of MTN Uganda said, “MTN and Tecnotree have been at the forefront of aligning with TM Forum (TAM, SID, Open APIs, eTOM) in our digital transformation journey.”

“Tecnotree Digital BSS Suite is TMF ODA’s component-based architecture and is fully cloud-enabled, having an orchestration of micro-services capability that allows us to provide not only connectivity services for our subscribers but also digital services from adjacent industries, thus truly helping us monetize the power of 5G,” Monzer Ali further said.

Padma Ravichander, CEO of Tecnotree Corporation said, “This recognition is testimony of our journey as a pioneer in TM Forum’s Open API certification. Real-world Open API conformance and certification for Tecnotree is our commitment towards our customers to help them unlock and monetize the power of 5G with a range of digital products and services.”

“These solutions can be provided to their customers, with seamless connectivity, speed, agility, and interoperability, on our Tecnotree Digital BSS platform. Our platform further enables operators to partner with the industry’s best ecosystem players to monetize B2B and B2B2X non-telco offerings by leveraging 5G for new digital multi-experiences.”