Tecnotree launches Sensa to boost human intelligent experience

Padma Ravichander, Chief Executive Officer of Tecnotree Corporation

Tecnotree, a digital platform and services provider for 5G and cloud-native tech, post the acquisition of a North American AI/ML company in December 2022, announced the launch of Tecnotree Sensa. Tecnotree Sensa is a new AI-enabled tech that cuts across the Tecnotree portfolio to enable the creation of composable blueprints that will humanize platforms for intelligent experiences across Telecom, Healthcare, Financial Inclusion and Entertainment.

What is market offering of Tecnotree Sensa?

The platform will transform telecom service providers from enablers to orchestrators of network dependant ecosystems for 5G monetisation, keeping human sentiments in mind.

With the fast-paced technological advancements in AR & VR applications, 5G connectivity, and AI enabled personalization, digital experiences will soon move from screen-based to sense-based technologies. Tecnotree Sensa is inspired by the fact that humans are sensory creatures and human senses are a large part of who we are and how we function.

Sensa-lead approach can enable telecom products to become more emotionally connected to customers. Humanized digital experiences have a better chance of connecting with users and making lasting connections with customers, therefore Sensa will provide intelligent customer experiences, personalized through the transparent and secure use of data.

Tecnotree Sensa has digital transformation and adoption capabilities that integrate AI engineering 5G Experiences on the Cloud, with Ecosystem Monetisation on Tecnotree Moments and Platform thinking. It comes pre-built with AI/ML blueprints to serve industries like healthcare, education, sports, financial services, entertainment, gaming, and reality.

Tecnotree Sensa Intelligence creates humanised digital offerings on top of Tecnotree’s digital stack, Moments B2B2X ecosystem monetisation platform and Tecnotree DiWa for digital financial services, that will “sell, serve, care, assure, monetise, partner” and much more.

Why is Tecnotree Sensa a game-changer?

Padma Ravichander, CEO of Tecnotree Corporation stated, “The launch of our new AI-enabled telecom digital experiences Tecnotree Sensa, opens new dimensions to telco services, moving digital experiences from being automated to sense-based, providing break-through human capabilities and emotional connect through a triangulation of sensory complexities.”

“The tech will leverage world-class AI engineering to create customer trust and transparency, enabling Tecnotree products to develop the most advanced & intuitive skills that empower customers to make personalized choices. The tech will infuse insights across all our platform services and take us further in our aim to empowering digitally connected communities.”