Health device firm Tanita switches to Rimini Street suite of SAP support

Rimini Street, Inc., a global provider of enterprise software products and services, the third-party support provider for Oracle and SAP software products and a Salesforce partner, has announced that Tanita Corporation, an international player in precision scales and health monitoring devices, has switched to Rimini Street for support of its SAP applications.

By leveraging Rimini Street’s suite of SAP support services at its headquarters in Japan and other international locations, Tanita is reinvesting its reduced annual maintenance costs and redirecting IT staff to security and transformation initiatives that are critical to the business.

Why were the operational bottlenecks at Tanita?

Similar to other firms running SAP, Tanita recognized that its rate of growth was hindered by the steep costs associated with their annual SAP software support, which required the firm to allocate limited and valuable IT resources toward constant testing and implementation of application updates and upgrades that did not provide a strong business return for Tanita.

The substantial financial and labor costs of these mandatory updates was a major obstacle to the firm’s innovation and made it difficult to implement a company-centered IT strategy and roadmap for the future. Tanita needed to ensure continuous and stable operation of the firm’s mission-critical IT environment while maintaining a limited IT staff and budget.

Tanita turned to Rimini Street’s Support for SAP because of the Company’s global reputation for providing excellent, stable support at drastically reduced annual maintenance costs of up to 90%. Research and analysis of other options considered revealed Rimini Street’s unique ability to reduce, if not eliminate, unnecessary updates and maintenance costs while providing holistic, agnostic, mission-critical support powered by seasoned engineers.

What has Tanita gained from the switch?

Since adopting the innovative Rimini Street Support, Tanita now receives dependable, quality support for the latest versions of SAP software used at its headquarters in Japan, as well as for the organisation’s stable, SAP system used in its overseas operations.

One advantage Tanita has benefitted from with the move to Rimini Street is the ability to have its customized code supported, which SAP’s support model does not offer. The firm no longer needs to allocate resources towards proving the causation of the breaks in its system to the vendor, and instead, turns to Rimini Street engineers to solve issues with care.

With the funds and time saved, Tanita continues to make critical investments in its cybersecurity strategies, which is a high priority for many manufacturing companies and those who have an increasing number of remote employees accessing systems virtually.

Like all Rimini Street clients, Tanita receives flexible, premium-level enterprise software support, which includes an industry-leading Service Level Agreement of 10-minute response times for all critical cases, 24x7x365, delivered by local engineers. All clients are assigned a dedicated Primary Support Engineer with an average of 20 years of experience working with enterprise software and backed by a team of expert functional and technical engineers.

What does the partnership mean for Rimini Street?

“Placing their trust in Rimini Street enabled Tanita to optimize its resources for employee and business innovation and security enhancements, and drive their IT innovation roadmap and business growth plan with confidence,” said Yorio Wakisaka, GM of Rimini Street, Japan.

“We are pleased to be a strategic partner to Tanita and so many organizations around the world who need to extract more value from their existing enterprise application investments for greater competitive advantage and operational efficiency,” Yorio Wakisaka concluded.

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