Talent X is replacing recruitment and flipping the industry on its head

Marnie Jones, Founder and Managing Director of Talent X

Talent X is a pioneer people agency integrating business consulting and talent acquisition to maximise profitability whilst helping companies and employees find happiness together.

The company emphasises implementing ethical, fun and rewarding workplaces.

Talent X is calling out the recruitment industry for their weaknesses and is offering a solution to effectively migrate from an outdated and broken traditional recruitment system.

Standard recruiters say yes to any role without asking why the role is being envisioned or figuring out whether it could be filled without requiring a new employee to fill the position.

They charge high commissions, offer poor or non-existent screening steps, poach staff, secure risky hires, and fail to consider the overall financial outcomes of their clients.

Talent X develops cost-saving management strategies to maximise team productivity and capacity and drive efficiency in the existing team structure and the recruitment cycle.

High performance teams where employers and employees are both accountable and responsible for the success, stability, and scalability of a business are a result of this.

Inspiration for starting Talent X

Marnie Jones officially founded Talent X in January 2019 after finding great success in hiring over the past decade and reaching full capacity. The company was founded out of a mutual frustration she and her consulting clients experienced with recruitment agencies.

This prompted the idea for a ‘People Agency’ offering direct financial impact people solutions.

A ‘People Agency’ is a hybrid of business consulting and recruitment service that aligns team organisation, management functions, and talent acquisition with overall business objectives.

The team model developed by Talent X is an affordable, measurable model of attracting, hiring, organising and managing your team that tangibly affects your profits and losses.

Talent X takes pride in charging clients a fixed fee for each hiring project, not a self-serving commission model based on the new staff member’s wage.

How does Talent X work?


  • Before Recruiting a New Team Member
  • Comprehensive team audits
  • Cost vs. value to business analysis
  • Hiring, management, and team design structure

Screening new talent

  • Performance analyses
  • Knowledge tests
  • Personality Profile and Culture Fit
  • Thorough Reference Checks

Placement and Responsibility of Success

  • Negotiation and Contract Acceptance
  • Assistance in Onboarding
  • Three Month Probation Check-In
  • 12-month+ retention rate

Talent X is just as invested as the company who is hiring and are dedicated in finding the right candidate for the best price.

They often make back the fee you pay by negotiating the salary candidate’s salary down, as opposed to a typical recruiter who tries to push it up for their own benefit.

Talent X’s founder Marnie Jones has cultivated an expertise in business partnership mediation, management structures, hiring, strategy and financial power.

Talent X has advised companies across finance, IT, real estate, hospitality, not-for-profit, marketing, and manufacturing with less than $200,000 turnover to up to $130 million.

Clients include JDH Architects, AK Signs and Construction by Design. Marnie’s unique approach to business management and team building have established her as an industry leader.

In addition to fulfilling her passion of placing the right talent in good businesses, she has developed 23 business programs delivered online and in person to over 350 business.