How Talent X Brand found success despite recruitment frustration

Marnie Jones, Founder and Managing Director of Talent X

Marnie Jones‘ entrepreneurial spirit and affection for disruption led her to build on the notorious Talent X Brand in January 2019 after finding great success in hiring over the past decade. Her company, Talent X, which now operates at full capacity was founded out of a mutual frustration she and her consulting clients experienced with recruitment agencies.

What is the market reach of Talent X?

Through Talent X, Marnie is calling out the industry for their weaknesses and offers a solution to an outdated and broken system. This is talent acquisition to help companies and employees find happiness together in ethical, fun, and rewarding workplaces.

Marnie’s background working with international firms include a PLC on the London Stock Exchange; combined with extensive local experience, ensures continued delivery of talent and team building that enable employers and employees to shine. Past and present clients of  Marnie’s include JDH Architects, AK Signs and Construction by Design and Studio Badu.

What is the strategy behind Talent X?

Her approach to team building have established her as an industry leader. In addition to fulfilling her passion of placing the right talent in good businesses, she has developed 23 business programs delivered online and in-person to over 350 businesses across Sydney.

Marnie is preparing to release a course on how to hire using the TX Hiring Method, revealing never before shared industry secrets of over 20 templates, over 20 chapters and 50 videos.