Sydney-based recruitment company Talent Butler expands team, scales up

Andrew Harper, National Director at Talent Butler

Talent Butler’s subscription service supports the talent search in today’s challenging employment market with a 12-month replacement guarantee. The newcomer to the cumbersome and expensive traditional recruitment model is quickly gaining traction, with companies from Sydney to Singapore signing up to its subscription model.

Founder Mathew Thompson said the focus now is scaling the team to meet the needs of different business verticals with a National Director hired to oversee continued growth.

What does Harper bring to Talent Butler in the role?

As National Director, Andrew Harper, a former structural engineer, brings more than 17 years of recruitment experience to the role, having previously worked for two leading recruitment companies with customers in the construction and property development industries. 

Commenting on the role, Mr Harper said, “My values very much align with Talent Butler’s philosophy of ensuring that both candidates and clients share an exceptional experience throughout the recruitment process and into the future. We strongly value our long-term relationships at Talent Butler and the success of our subscription model is a testament to the mutual respect, trust and value that has been developed over many years with our clients.” 

“It’s about placing confidence. The role of a consultant at Talent Butler is broader than just sourcing talent and managing a recruitment process. Our network sees us as more than just a recruitment partner and will consistently seek genuine and impartial guidance and advice.”

Andrew’s experience and passion for the construction and property development sectors makes him the right person to lead Talent Butler’s Development and Construction team on a national basis, while driving its unique subscription offering to employers large, and small.

“I’m extremely excited to be a part of the Talent Butler journey as we bring our unique and innovative subscription model to our clients. This affordable model has been created to address the frustrations that employers regularly face in the recruitment process and allows us to become a trusted partner, whilst sharing the commercial risks. This is an industry changing approach to engaging with your customers,” Mr Harper further commented.

What is the market reach of Talent Butler?

Talent Butler has come to the attention of top investors from Australia and the UK, but founder Mathew Thompson says the firm is prepared to tackle the growth head-on – starting with the opening of its Sydney office. “We needed to be where our clients expect us to be, in a service-led industry, it’s all about solving solutions and doing so quickly,” Mathew said. 

Mathew Thompson, Founder of Talent Butler

“I’d have been open to diluting my shares if I really thought they’d bring something we don’t have, but with such solid business partners and established processes, I was never interested in scaling to 15 staff and selling in five years, which is what was suggested. If we get this done right then what we have here is a global proposition and that really does excite me.”

Stemming from modest ambitions to try something new, Mat founded the business in 2021 having heard clients lament the expense and unreliability of the recruitment process his entire career. His Estonian wife pronounced “partner” as “butler” and Talent Butler was born. 

Talent Butler’s monthly subscription fee starts at $595 and increases up to $1,295 for those needing to hire more senior salary levels. The company launched its subscription service with its sights set on overcoming the wasted cost and risk companies face of losing new employees immediately after the obligatory probation period, at which point the recruiter has been paid their lump sum for securing the staff member whether they work out or not.

“Little did I expect seven-figure revenue streams in the first 12 months or the level of interest we’ve had. Our focus is scaling the specialist verticals of what roles we can confidently represent. We also want to further invest in our platform to give clients unique insights into their subscription and help them get the most from their loyalty to our brand,” Mathew said.