Taking the confusion out of home loans to empower Australians in making better investment decisions

Joseph Daoud, Founder at It's Simple Finance

The thought of navigating a home loan can fill many people with overwhelm and confusion.

Which bank is right for you? At what rate should you pay the loan back? What kind of fees can you expect? What is mortgage insurance? The list goes on.

When Joseph Daoud started It’s Simple his mission was to make getting a home loan simple. 

It’s Simple seeks to empower Australians in investing

It’s Simple helps in facilitating the connection and linking of clients to the right financial lender for their specific borrowing needs and further educates clients about home loans.

It’s also an educator to teach Australians how to make conscious financial decisions.

“Mortgages are one of the biggest aspects that we will ever deal with in our lives. However, its unfortunate that no one ever offers to teach citizens about getting a good mortgage.”

“At It’s Simple we constantly give out vital advice and information because we want the world to make educated financial decisions,” said It’s Simple’s Co-Founder, Joseph Daoud.

Joseph and his business partner started It’s Simple in February 2020 and unfortunately, one month later Australian states were in lockdown but the pair persisted and pushed on. 

“There was a lot of grit in pursuing the dream of making finance simple. We refused to give up. I had something that I could give to people and I wanted to make sure I achieved it.”

The team at It’s Simple pride themselves in going above and beyond for their clients. Everyone on the team is highly educated, experienced and hardworking. 

“We believe in helping our client make the best investment decisions based on their unique situation. We also believe in educating people about how to make smart investment choices.”

The Home Loan University by It’s Simple

It’s Simples’ home loan education platform, The Home Loan University has over 3,000 members and provides educational material about making the best mortgage decisions. 

Prior to founding It’s Simple, Joseph was working at Macquarie Bank in home loans since 2017 when he was fresh out of university with a Degree in Economics and Maths. 

By the third month, he was one of the top home loan specialists at Macquarie Bank. He had closed over $20 million in loans in one month and was sky rocketing to his career success.

Six months later he closed $31 million in one month as helping borrowers with home loans had become second nature to him. People would often say ‘Thanks for making it so simple, Joseph’. He had a knack for making the whole process stress free and seamless for the client.

Joseph left Macquarie Bank in 2018 to support his family’s property management business. He worked on his financial passion with a mate and eventually they launched Its SImple.

Quick growth forced him to leave property management to work on It’s Simple full time.

Joseph tripled the team by May 2021. In July 2021, It’s Simple settled $12million and Joey believes that they are well on the way to hitting $144 million in lending while emphasising the philosophy that borrowing money shouldn’t be intimidating or confusing.

Joseph has a down to earth nature and believes in transparency which helps build client relationships. He promotes this attitude through his business, client contact and entire life.

“I can happily say that we’ve been able to create something that’s an extension of my beliefs and what I learnt through my very own professional career,” concluded Joseph.