Taking a hands-off approach to Zoom calls is the way of the future

Daniel Milford, Chief Executive Officer, Chironix

Brand-new technology means we could soon be making hands-free Zoom calls via a pair of glasses – allowing callers to see exactly what we are seeing.

Technology and autonomous robotics firm Chironix says the release of their Metix 3.0 technology will be a game changing as industries move towards a hybrid working model.

Designer pair of tech glasses the wearer puts on like any other, the Metix 3.0 allows a user to make hands-free Zoom calls easily. Chironix CEO Daniel Milford says users can simply turn their glasses on, access their Calendar program via Outlook or Google and make a call.”

“The feedback we have had from our clients already using the technology is they want a faster experience when starting a Zoom call. They don’t see the need to have to sign up to websites or navigate through password protections which might cost them valuable time.”

“People are busy, they’re time poor, they want to be able put the glasses on and get started with their Zoom call. Metix 3.0 provides them with that option seamlessly.”

“Companies are looking at a range of options and more flexibility in how they approach work from home and workplace occupancy as the world gears up to come out of lockdown.”

Mr Milford said more and more people are looking to Google Glass technology because it gives you the flexibility to conduct Zoom streaming in a hands-free environment, which is important for any industry in which using your hands is a core element of the work.

Chironix’s Metix 3.0, a simple way to access Zoom;

  • Create meetings directly from any Calendar program, Outlook, Google, ICAL
  • See your personal meetings via your calendar on Glass
  • Easy 1 step process to join meeting from Glass
  • Clearly see your own upcoming meetings via a My Meetings list
  • Streamlined licence and user management for your organisation
  • Quickly send external meeting invites from any organisation to your Glass unit
  • Access your unique login quickly and easily from your phone

Chironix says its mission is to provide an effective and seamless interface between humans and cutting-edge technology, such as wearables and robots.

About Chironix

Chironix is an Australian company that specialises in applied robotics in the outdoors.

As specialists in software engineering and robotics systems integration, Chironix develops unique products to make work safer and more efficient for the defence, resources and maintenance sectors. Chironix is a Perth based company and was founded in 2017.