Australian outdoor start-up Tactica set for first equity crowdfunding campaign

Mike Chijoff, Founder of Tactica

Aussie outdoor and adventure brand, Tactica, is set to launch its first equity crowdfunding campaign after years of success. After increasing revenue by 100% between 2021 and 2022, the multi-award winning NSW North Coast based product designer is launching its campaign via Birchal on June 28, with expressions of interest having opened June 7.

What makes Tactica a unique market player?

What started with an experimental multitool on Kickstarter (raising over $950K) has rapidly evolved into a trustworthy range of everyday carry tools that combine function and style.

Utilising a unique composite material, Tactica’s products are versatile and strong. The rarely-in-retail material is 70% glass, making it lightweight without sacrificing strength or quality. It’s also non-scratch – it won’t scratch phone, laptop or camera surfaces – making it adaptive enough to work effortlessly alongside the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts.

Born out of a passion for adventure and exploring the great outdoors, product designer and material scientist Mike Chijoff launched Tactica to meet the need for more diverse products in the outdoor range that matches today’s modern lifestyle. Growing up using everyday carry products like Leatherman, Victorinox and Swiss Army Knives, he watched the vast range of options become too similar, too expensive and weighed down in traditional methods.

Tactica’s range now includes 22 different products that have been designed for today’s lifestyle needs. And they don’t break the bank (each tool costs under AU$65).

Since launching on Kickstarter in 2016, Tactica has shipped over 100,000 units to 100 countries and brought in close to $4m. And despite most of the world being locked inside due to the pandemic, Tactica has continued to increase revenue growth as each new product launches; between the end of 2021 and 2022, the brand increased revenue by over 100%.

How will Tactica use the raised funds?

Led by the crowdfunding and outdoor communities since day one, this is Tactica’s first equity raise and gives new and experienced investors an opportunity to become part of the company’s rapid growth. The business’s planned expansion will allow Tactica to capitalise on increasing demand, expand on existing markets and enter new ones and develop new products to match the needs of outdoor, sporting and adventure enthusiasts globally.

“Our community has been our biggest asset in providing direction on our offering. Previously our crowdfunding campaigns have been about developing new products; now we’re self-sufficient enough to push ourselves further and keep innovating, but it’s essential that we maintain that connection with our supporters. They are the core of who we are, why we exist and why we keep continuing to grow, adapt and create new products,” Mike said.

Tactica is also launching a new range of adventure knives made with the same sleek glass composite that has made them so popular amongst outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

The K.100 Pocket Knife and K.150 Micro-knife are sleek folding knives that feature superb ergonomics, blade quality and customised carry through integrated lanyard/pocket clip carry. These are the first knives from Tactica have been developed the back of customer demand.

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