Aussie retail brand T2 Tea recognised by Mental Health First Aid Australia

Jayde Nicholson, Head of Safety and Wellbeing at T2 Tea

The purpose-led retail brand, T2 Tea acknowledges that the workplace plays a huge part in making team members feel safe and supported whilst encouraging them to talk openly or raise any concerns about their mental health. Recently, T2 announced that it’s been recognised by Mental Health First Aid Australia for its Mental Health First Aid Skilled Workplace Program.

What does T2 Tea’s mental health program entail?

This program signifies T2’s implementation of its Mental Health First Aid initiatives, providing connection and early intervention to support team members who are struggling with any mental health issues. To break down stigmas associated with mental health, T2 has enlisted trustworthy employees across the business to have conversations and provide guidance.

As part of the certification, T2 Tea implemented a few core initiatives and these include:

  • Trained and accredited 10% of FTEs in Mental Health First Aid across the business
  • Committed to providing ongoing training for Mental Health First Aiders, including bi-annual professional development sessions to continue to build their skills
  • Developed a Mental Health First Aid policy, including an escalation process, to support team members in crisis.

What does the recognition mean for T2 Tea?

According to T2’s Head of Safety and Wellbeing, Jayde Nicholson, “At T2 Tea, we recognise that now more than ever, that we need team members with the skills and tools to have better equipped conversations about mental health, while being able to recognise those who are struggling and guide them to seek the appropriate support and healthcare that they need.”

“The Mental Health First Aider skilled workforce program aligns with and supports T2 Tea’s broader Mental Health Strategy for employees and staff. It is just one of the initiatives we have used to build these various support skills, implement structures of assistance, and continue to raise awareness, while reducing the stigma associated with mental health conditions.”

To highlight the achievement of its Mental Health First Aid Skilled Workplace Program, T2 Tea has joined forces with mental health ambassador, Ash Paraskevas for the next installment of the brand’s Q&A series Conversations Over A Cuppa to discuss and normalise conversations around mental illness and health. In 2023, T2 Tea will continue to focus on its intensive Mental Health Strategy to increase the understanding of and reduce the stigma around mental illness.


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