Synctuition’s uniqueness, and the importance of research in developing effective and relevant services

Synctuition's uniqueness, and the importance of research

Over 10 years in the making and backed by more than 106 scientific studies, Synctuition is specifically designed to help people de-stress, become more positive and enjoy better sleeping patterns.

With full playback in 3D sound, Synctuition goes far beyond anything on the market today.

Synctuition has been developed through the collaboration of scientists, top sound engineers and meditation experts, that together, have successfully combined four technologies into a single sound wave:

Gamma wave binaural beats, personalised voice frequency, 3D sounds and recordings and rhythmic entrainment frequencies. 

Synctuition uses a combination of these technologies at just the right frequencies to immediately bring the listener to a pleasant meditative state that allows imagination to take over and send the mind on a powerful spiritual journey. 

We understood early on that with the rapid increase in the amount of information, the rise of social media, and other addictions, it’s only a matter of time before we experience a global mental health crisis.

We decided to use modern technologies that were becoming available in combination with timeless wisdom to create a product that could help wash away some of the daily negativity we are exposed to.

Most importantly we wanted it to be very fun to use while helping to strengthen our mental health.

Identify big ideas and invest in new products

We came up with the idea of Synctuition on the heels of the 2008/2009 financial crisis.

We could see how the crisis affected people’s mental health and how, in combination with other factors such as the rising addiction to technology, overexposure to negative information, substance abuse, loneliness and so on, we would eventually face a global mental health crisis.

We wanted to create an entertaining way for anyone in the world to work on their mental health (regardless of whether they’ve practiced meditation or mindfulness before or not).

We also wanted the product to be backed with science and advanced tech and all of that took us on a 10 year journey of creating Synctuition.

With 2020 proving to be one of the most challenging years in our lifetime, from devastating natural disasters, a global pandemic and increasing social unrest, we knew now was the best time to make the app more widely accessible.

Risks of developing an app in a saturated market

In 2019, the top 10 meditation apps grew revenues to $195 million. As technology has improved, apps have been one of the main places to turn to de-stress.

Synctuition is a top-three mindfulness app in the US and the home of its founders, Estonia. The app is also the fastest-growing in the UK and is providing a more advanced alternative to other mindfulness apps such as Calm and Headspace.

What really sets Synctuition apart is its position as the world’s first audio relaxation app to be entirely recorded in a new breathtaking audio format, 3D sound.

We knew it was important to provide a unique experience to the user that stands out from every other mindfulness app.

We also understood that prioritising scientific research and development would legitimise our app, ensuring we could actually help people de-stress and improve the global mental health crisis.

Pivot short-term business priorities

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Michael Burich is the Co-Founder and COO of Synctuition.

Synctuition's uniqueness, and the importance of research