SWIM and Underknown to enable web3 functionality with a private beta

Steve Hulford, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Underknown

SWIM, a provider of web3 solutions, announced its collaboration with Underknown, the creators of the #1 science video series, ‘What If.’ With this collaboration, SWIM and Underknown fill a void in the industry by forming a decentralized educational & entertainment web-based platform that rewards users, directly connecting to their Metamask wallets.

What does the partnership mean for the two companies?

Underknown’s fan base of more than 120 million monthly active users across the globe will be able to compete against themselves and others by answering short quizzes and following videos from Underknown’s library of more than 3,000 videos of original content in various categories including: science, food, survival, animals, and hypothetical battles.

SWIM’s private beta is the beginning of gamification capabilities realized by any brand that is exploring ways to monetize content beyond pre-existing, centralized platforms. A user can earn real rewards in real-time through content consumption without payment processors.

Underknown’s award-winning content is recognized by several industry accolades including a Shorty Award in 2021, a Telly Award in 2022, and 2 Webby Awards both in 2020 and 2022.

What were the executives’ thoughts on the partnerships?

“SWIM’s leading blockchain tech has proven itself in the industry through their commitment to forming significant brand partnerships, leading security, and innovative solutions by bridging the gap between web2 and web3,” said Steve Hulford, founder and CEO of Underknown.

“We could not be more pleased to partner with SWIM and offer our millions of fans a fun and engaging way to learn about science and the humanities through our portfolio of brands.”

“SWIM’s breakout year for 2022 underscores our commitment to empowering creator autonomy. We couldn’t be more excited to blockchain-enable Underknown’s one-of-a-kind platform, transforming the educational space by reimagining what it means to learn while having fun doing it,” said Andy Crosby, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at SWIM.