Surfshark – An effective way around premium streaming services

Surfshark is a wholesome service that provides a lot of additional features to give you covert access to various subscription-based services regardless of your location and device of choice.

With the WireGuard protocol, you can access different entertainment streaming services such as BBC iPlayer from Android, macOS, Windows and iOS.

This service boasts a network of over 3,200 widespread RAM-only servers, enabling you to securely access premium streaming services from at least 65 different countries including those with considerably restrictive internet policies such as China, Vietnam, Russia and Turkey.

Surfshark transforms ways in which to use a VPN service thanks to a sleek and user-friendly interface, support for multiple simultaneous connections along with additional plug-ins.

This combination allows you to easily integrate a Surfshark proxy into Firefox and Chrome browsers, and apply a custom DNS resolver to your PlayStation or Xbox.

Surfshark comes with a number of other features and user controls that make it even more versatile. These include Whitelister for helping you choose which apps get tunnelled or not.

You also have the ability to customize the available functions, favorite a location for future use and block or accept local network traffic (a handy option for streaming to other devices).

Surfshark – A formidable method for accessing premium video content

Surfshark is a comprehensive VPN service that delivers a wide range of functionality packaged in a lean and simplified user experience.

  1. More than 3,200 geographically-dispersed servers.
  2. Ability to bypass subscription services.
  3. Compatibility with numerous operating systems.
  4. Updated open-source technology with speedy connection.

It allows users to access subscription-based video platforms like the US Netflix library from PCs, Apple and Android devices thanks to modern open-source protocols like WireGuard.

Surfshark delivers a service to regions commonly sidelined by other VPN services such as Africa and South America through its scattered network of over 3,200 diskless servers.

Through its Camouflage Mode, users can opt for obfuscated servers to keep their activity further away from any prying eyes.

This service is also more fluid in regard to its modes of operation, offering browser-oriented features for easier integration with Chrome and Firefox, coupled with bespoke DNS tools for gaming consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation.

Surfshark offers greater control over the traffic and URLs subjected to the VPN using the Whitelister feature.

Surfshark also allows users to hook up multiple devices, enabling you to stream premium content while at home or on-the-go, which is ideal for those who live with many other people or are always changing locations.

For those who need to frequently change locations but still limit video buffering, Surfshark enables them to zero in on specific servers and not just select a whole country.

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