Superstars of STEM are being funded to enable stratospheric success

Misha Schubert, the Chief Executive Officer of Science & Technology Australia

The Australian Government has announced a $2m investment to advance women in STEM through Science & Technology Australia’s game changing Superstars of STEM program.

This investment in Australia’s STEM leadership talent will enable 120 brilliant and diverse women in STEM to turbo-charge their media profiles and career success over the next 4 years to inspire the next generations of girls and young women into these crucial fields.

Science & Technology Australia’s Superstars of STEM

STA appreciates the Australian Government and Science Minister Melissa Price for this crucial investment in Australia’s science, technology, engineering and maths talent.

Since 2017, this world-leading program has fast-tracked the profile and careers of 150 brilliant Australian female scientists, smashed gender stereotypes about what a scientist looks like, and inspired tens of thousands of school children to consider studying STEM.

An evaluation report highlighting the astronomical success of the program was launched.

Misha Schubert, the CEO of Science & Technology Australia expounded on this aspects.

“The STEM program was starting to powerfully ‘shift the dial’ on women’s under-representation in STEM and deliver more equity and diversity of scientists in public life.”

“We know it’s hard to be what you can’t see. By nurturing these diverse visible role models of women in STEM, in the media, in public leadership and in our schools this program is therefore powerfully showing girls and young women that STEM is for them.”

“The Superstars of STEM program is about brilliant women scientists lifting each other up to be visible public role models and inspire our next generations into crucial careers.”

STA’s Superstars of STEM report

The evaluation report was launched by twin events with Science Minister Melissa Price at Western Australia’s Pawsey Supercomputer facility, and an online national event with the Australian Government’s Ambassador for Women and Girls in STEM Prof. Lisa Harvey-Smith.

The evaluation report of the program’s impact shows more than 21,000 Australian school students have been inspired by school visits and talks by the Superstars of STEM.

The program elevated the profile and careers of Superstars, reaching cumulative media audiences of 83 million people through more than 4k media appearances in FY2020/21.

The program is funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, and is an initiative of Science & Technology Australia.

Science & Technology Australia is the not-for-profit peak body for the sectors, representing more than 90,000 scientists and technologists across Australia.