Summit Homes taps SugarCRM’s AI-powered advanced sales automation to bolster home buying experiences

SugarCRM announced that Summit Homes Group, an award-winning home builder in Western Australia, has selected their innovative Sugar Sell Premier solution to help supercharge sales operations and provide inspired sales experiences for homebuyers. Summit Homes Group builds, renovates, and develops homes through a versatile portfolio of building-related businesses across realty, steel production, financial services, plumbing, ceilings, and roofing.

Why did Summit Homes onboard Sugar Sell Premier?

With multiple sub-brands to manage, it’s important to field new customer inquiries in an efficient and strategic manner. A SugarCRM client for over 12 years, Summit Homes Group recently upgraded to Sugar Sell Premier. The software offers comprehensive sales force automation capabilities with built-in AI and enhanced sales analytics, advanced reporting, enhanced sales forecasting, holistic insights, and enhanced communication features.

“Building your dream home is a big decision, and Summit Homes Group takes customer engagement very seriously,” says Fabio Fusari, IT Manager at Summit Homes Group.

Fabio Fusari, IT Manager at Summit Homes Group
Fabio Fusari, IT Manager at Summit Homes Group

“Home buyers will typically visit a few different builders, narrowing their selection down to one or two before making their final decision. In large part, their choices are based on the quality of their interactions and overall experience with a sales professional,” Fusari said.

“We are extremely pleased to continue our sales force automation journey with SugarCRM. This strategic partnership underscores our ongoing commitment to deliver excellence through cutting-edge technology that empowers our team with the tools necessary for success. Sugar Sell Premier will enable us to streamline our operations, enhance collaboration, and ultimately deliver even better results to our valued customers,” Fusari further commented.

What does this mean for SugarCRM?

“We are delighted to partner with Summit Homes Group in its digital transformation journey,” said Jason du Preez, SugarCRM’s Senior Vice President and General Manager for Asia Pacific.

Jason du Preez, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Asia Pacific at SugarCRM
Jason du Preez, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Asia Pacific at SugarCRM

“We celebrate the company’s ongoing commitment to deliver exceptional value through a focus on each and every customer’s needs, that continues to fuel their growth and success. Our continued collaboration will help Summit Homes Group leverage the full potential of Sugar Sell Premier to take its sales and customer experience to the next level.”

Sugar Sell Premier’s interface supports a seamless user experience via a unified view of homebuyers and means to manage sales engagement to deliver the very best experience throughout the buyer journey. Hosted in SugarCloud – SugarCRM’s enterprise-class cloud platform that helps clients easily expand sales, marketing, and customer service tech stack.

Also, Summit Homes Group benefits from a “cloud-first” approach delivering ultimate mobility and seamless access, as well as flexibility and scalability. To drive continued improvement in sales lead and opportunity management, workflow management and dashboard reporting, Summit Homes Group is collaborating with SugarCRM’s professional services team.