Stone Real Estate launches its new offices in Campbelltown and Ingleburn

Chris Philp, Principal at Stone Real Estate
Chris Philp, Principal at Stone Real Estate

Stone Real Estate, one of Australia’s fastest growing real estate business, is on the march again with dual offices opening in the booming mortgage belt region of Macarthur in Sydney’s south western outskirts. The existing Richardson and Wrench offices, which have serviced greater South Western Sydney for 29 years will be rebranded Stone Real Estate from 19th April 2023. All 35 staff will be staying with Stone under the guidance of Principal Chris Philp.

What is Chris Philp’s industry expertise?

Chris, 35, who has been in the industry for 14 years, previously worked for Richardson and Wrench in the area for a decade. Over the past four years, Chris has further established his presence under the Stone brand, managing local offices at Camden and Gregory Hills. It now means that the region will be serviced by 4 Stone offices, with a total staff number of 55.

“In many ways, I’ve come full circle, having started my real estate career at Richardson and Wrench and now returning to the same offices but under the Stone brand,” Chris Philp said.

“There’s no doubt that Stone has carved out a unique reputation in the market for quality, professionalism and attention to detail and that shines brightly through the amazing staff and their commitment to excellence in everything they do,” Chris Philp further commented.

What does expansion mean for regional clients?

Mr Philp, who lives in the area, said the Stone brand could focus on buyers and sellers across the huge pocket of working families from Glenfield to Appin and Leppington to Razorback.

“Whether you are in the market for a small apartment or a luxury acreage property – Stone Real Estate has the resources, technology and firepower to help any vendor or astute buyer or investor. Stone is a modern, inclusive full service agency and brand, perfectly suited to represent the young families who live and work in Macarthur,” Chris Philp further commented.

Commenting on the expansion, Stone Real Estate Head Of Franchise, Luke Cameron, said: “The expertise and passion of the Stone team shines through in this latest expansion, which will offer clients in Ingleburn and Campbelltown an unparalleled real estate experience.”

“Chris’ and his team’s dedication and commitment to high performance has paved the way for their success across the booming Macarther region, and they’re bringing their winning formula to Ingleburn and Campbelltown. Stone’s expansion into Ingleburn and Campbelltown is a testament to Chris’s unwavering commitment to excellence and the needs of clients.”