Staff attraction and retention now biggest area of focus for businesses

The biggest issue facing businesses in 2022 is attraction and retention of staff. Enquiries from businesses needing cashflow solutions to help bolster their ability to attract and retain staff is now one of the biggest areas of finance activity for Earlypay. With record low unemployment, a national labour shortage and rising costs due to inflation, workers are in the block seat.

How are SMEs adapting to changing market landscape?

Businesses are having to find ways of meeting the need for increased wages or conditions to attract and retain workers. This against the backdrop of supply chain issues is causing cash gaps for businesses however despite this they need to find a way to get through and debtor finance in the form of Invoice Finance is proving highly popular among businesses.

Invoice financing

Essentially, Invoice Finance involves using your customer invoices as collateral to generate upfront funds. As soon as a business issues an invoice, funds are paid into the business’ bank account and lenders such as Earlypay then take responsibility for following up payment. Businesses pay a small fee for the service, but receive big benefits in return in the long run.

Andrew Skyrme, founder and CEO of Your Resourcing, a recruitment and labour-hire company for the building and construction, administrative support and care industries, said his business has achieved significant growth and managed to implement some highly innovative and successful labour acquisition and retention strategies by adopting Invoice Finance.

“We are employing over 900 people across a broad range of industries. This is a lot of people and demand for workers is increasing. We have to be extremely competitive and innovative in what we offer and how we manage our relationship with our people,” Skyrme said.

Flexible working conditions

“We need to understand that people’s needs have changed. Lifestyle and family are now even more important and they want to work with a business that offers them flexibility. We have invested time into creating a system that provides accrued leave flexibility so that workers on contracts are able to sacrifice part of their pay each week in order to take additional time off at the end of the year and still continue to receive their weekly pay,” Andrew Skyrme said.

“This level of flexibility is important and provides workers with the ability to plan and manage their time and finances with more confidence. We have also introduced a complimentary training program that involves providing our workers with free training for industry certificates and qualifications. This means that our people will have access to the ability to gain enhanced learning, training and qualifications while working with us at our cost,” Andrew Skyrme said.

“We understand how expensive and challenging these types of qualifications can be to attain and we want to invest in our people to support them to learn and grow as part of our team.”

“Of course, all of these initiatives cost money and lots of upfront expenses to provide this level of support and commitment to create a working environment that will attract new people and importantly retain our wonderful group of employees. To fund these initiatives, we utilise Earlypay Invoice Finance to maintain cashflow levels across the business,” he said.

“We have a healthy and growing client base, so we don’t need or want to apply for loans through a bank. Invoice Finance gives us the ability to use our own invoices as credit for upfront payments. The system is easy, fast and incredibly efficient. We don’t have to chase clients for money and we don’t have to stress about cashflow,” Andrew Skyrme concluded.

Not many businesses today are aware that there are ways of getting funds in the door faster and Invoice Finance is one of these mechanisms. With more and more businesses looking for ways to address cashflow issues, we are able to assist many of them with facilities such as Invoice Finance, and it is literally helping them to accelerate their growth and overcome the challenges being experienced in the market space across the globe at the moment.

Daniel Riley is a finance expert and the Chief Executive Officer of Earlypay.