St John NSW taps Macquarie solution to protect patients against cybercrime

Macquarie Cloud Services, part of Macquarie Telecom Group, has signed a deal with St John Ambulance NSW (St John NSW) to provide cyber protection across its cloud environment. With 24/7 monitoring and threat detection, St John NSW is safeguarding patient, staff and volunteer information against the growing cyber threat faced by the healthcare sector.

What does Macquarie bring St John NSW’s operations?

With the Managed Detection and Response solution, powered by Microsoft Sentinel, the charity has front row seats to its security posture, with the ability to monitor the entire perimeter and detect threats in real time. Macquarie has also worked with St John Ambulance NSW to offer tailored solutions and ongoing cyber education, primarily through a Threat Intelligence Platform, which is the culmination of input from more than 40 data sources.

Naran McClung, Head of Azure and Consulting at Macquarie, said: “We know the importance of St John NSW, and by extension the importance of keeping its data safe from the predatory claws of criminals. By leveraging a solution that is fast, reliable and spans its broad tapestry of stakeholders, St John NSW is upholding its enduring reputation for keeping Aussies safe.”

What does the partnership mean for St John NSW?

Peter Bouhalis, Chief Information Officer at St John NSW
Peter Bouhalis, Chief Information Officer at St John NSW

Macquarie has played a vital role in keeping St John NSW secure amid industry-wide skills shortages. According to Peter Bouhalis, CIO at St John NSW, moving to the cloud combined with rising cyber-crime means businesses need to give security a higher priority. “Keeping our systems safe for our internal staff and our volunteer members is a full-time job,” he said.

Founded in 1883, St John Ambulance NSW is a charity that saves lives through first aid. This includes via paramedic services, training and advocacy, right through to assistance provided during natural disasters and at large-scale events. To help uplift security as quickly and effectively as possible, Peter Bouhalis and his team turned to the expertise of Macquarie.

“St John tries to make life easy for volunteers using our systems, and Macquarie helped us introduce tailored conditional access policies to help them. It is difficult for small firms to hire their own cyber security personnel. Macquarie is my source for this high-level security talent, and the team brings both new skills and proven experience to the table,” Peter concluded.